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Mid May 2 2020

By May 18, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

Thank you Ashtara for being willing to receive and write our messages of love. Many are asked, only a few responds.

Our message today is one of hope. As previously mentioned, we observe and monitor human electro-magnetic energy emissions. Currently, there is an imbalance. Within every human is the spark of Prime Creator’s love. Sometimes it is buried, obscured by dense psychology. When the dense psychology is realised, and responsibility taken to act to change it, the divine love spark activates. Feelings of gratitude and love take the place of the shadow psychology.

Not so long ago this evolutionary process was unknown. Human evolution into greater light and love is accelerating. It is unstoppable. The radiant light waves bombarding your planet now ensure the changes.Those in the light are so grateful for the darkness they have left behind. Riding the waves of light brings so much joy into their lives, regardless of their external situations. They live their lives simply, attuned to their joy.They know the value of maintaining and building upon their inner light and love. Life lessons arise and are loved, appreciated and welcomed. Easily accepted as truth, they are just as easily transmuted through the light of self-realisation and acceptance. This transition phase is challenging for many and a joy to those living in the light of Prime Creator’s love.

We will come again.



As mentioned previously, we can only guide and teach. You make your choices. We honour them.

We ask you to hold strongly to your faith in a higher power. Many are wavering between the light and the dark. It takes courage to trust and have faith in the intangible. The prophesied shift in consciousness is taking place. The shift from fear and herd mentality into creativity, love and joy can be challenging, yet it is the high way to happiness and health.

Fear is a killer. The energy of fear creates paralysis, rigidity and frozen emotions. Love juice cannot flow through these psychological energy blockages. Fear of loss, whether of money, possessions, a loved one or a way of life, is still fear. To step forward into living life in love, joy, and gratitude requires a shift in consciousness.

Many have made this shift. They live in the light of Prime Creator’s love. Many are in the process of choice making. Many are unaware of the choice to do so. We cannot break through rigid fear patterns, often manifesting as control.

We, the Arcturians, in our intangible light, bask in Prime Creator’s love. As do human souls between incarnations. Many young children enter the world of form with this memory. Many speak of their love experience to their parents. Some parents listen and believe. Others reject their child’s remembrance. The shift to higher consciousness requires the release of fear.

We love you unconditionally. We have no other agenda other than offering our guidance and our teaching.  We, from our higher and broader perspective, can see clearly your individual and collective emissions arising from the choices you make. Choose well.

We ask you to choose to live in the light of self-awareness, taking responsibility for all your life’s choices.

We are the Arcturians and we will come again.