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Mid May 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

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Jupiter in Gemini: Expansion of Knowledge and Truth

(26 May 2024 – 10 June 2025)

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, often referred to esoterically as the home of the Spiritual Masters. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and the ninth house in the astrological birth chart model. Overseas travel  is a function of Jupiter, as are themes and issues connecting to foreigners, different cultures, prejudice, bigotry and righteousness. Righteousness can easily lead to judgement i.e.  believing you are right and judging others as wrong. When we judge, so will we be judged. It is the universal Law of Attraction.

Whatever is the expansion needed for your soul’s evolution into the light of higher consciousness – transiting Jupiter will assist the process. First – there may be a loss – the loss of an old way of being or doing life. This loss is necessary in order to free you up for greater life expansion.

We have the choice as to how we use the cosmic energies for expansion. We can go with our internal urges to expand, grow and explore, or, through the entropy of fear or inertia, stay stuck and rigid in old forms of being and doing life.  When we decide to move forward and jump into the abyss of the unknown, we experience freedom. Freedom, truth, expansion, wisdom, intuition and travel are key words and themes relative to Jupiter/Sagittarius and the ninth house.

Jupiter in Gemini, the opposing sign to Sagittarius, enhances our desire for more knowledge through book learning, taking courses or travelling in order to broader self and life understanding.  This process leads to a greater ability to connect the dots in our minds.  During the year Jupiter is in Gemini, more ideas will be shared on the global stage, and independent journalism that reveals truth will increase and finally be understood and accepted by more people. More closed minds will awaken to truth, understanding and accepting the bigger picture currently influencing our planet. Religious fanaticism may increase, and more refugees and immigrants will move around the world. The following transmission received recently is an example of the Jupiter expansion theme.

“Some formerly closed minds are now opening. Knowledge of the Creator’s infinite love for all of creation is being felt by many more.

To those who have weathered recent internal storms, and are now seeing the light of truth, we congratulate you. The greater strength you have developed throughout your journey will hold you in good stead for what is to come.

Many will feel the need for freedom from current restrictions, and excitement when they take the necessary steps to claim it. The desire to create life changes will come from within. Prepare well for life-changing shifts in consciousness. Your life is likely to never be the same again.

Restrictions around the heart can now be lifted. To commit to this process, have the strong feeling intention to  break through protective barriers you’ve built up over your heart throughout your entire life so that love, joy and creativity can take their place. When meditating on this theme, practice this barrier-breaking exercise with clear, focused intent and heart-felt feeling. Adding clear visualisation and imagery will assist”.

Many more books will be written under this new 12 month Jupiter in Gemini transit. Much learning will take place in order for consciousness growth to emerge. An increase in movement from one country and culture to another is likely.  Our education systems may reveal limitations and need to be re-examined to enable greater teacher/student understanding.

Jupiter is known as the benefactor.  When I taught basic astrology I likened Jupiter to Santa Claus. A benefactor.  Because Jupiter’s nature is expansion, optimism and spiritual growth, there is likely to be an increase of people questing for truth and finding it by practicing a more spiritual way of life. Also, there’s likely to be an increase in religious dogma and control.

I love Jupiter. With my Sagittarius ascendant, life has provided many wonderful opportunities to travel and expand my understanding of life way beyond the normal. I have taken every opportunity presented – trusting I would be over-lighted by my spiritual guides, and so it has been. And still is. My adventuring days are not over yet!

As a meditative exercise, why not self-question asking your Higher Self  to assist.  The following are an example:

  •  How best can I give myself the freedom my soul yearns for?
  •  In what area of my life do I need to expand my mind to grow spiritually?
  • What books will provide me with the information I need?
  • What do I need to learn to become more spiritually informed than I am now?
  • How can I best become self-aware enough to feel the internal urges for expansion and spiritual growth?
  • In what chakra do I hold the greatest limitations to freedom?

Through formulating and writing the above questions yesterday, on my walk this morning I felt the urge to stop and read one of the local noticeboards. It provided answers to all the questions above.  I felt a tremendously warm feeling in my heart as I slowly read the promotion information and the warm feelings continued when I followed through with research. I made the commitment to follow through on the offered year’s course.

You might choose to reflect upon your life from 11 June 2012 and 27 June 2013 when Jupiter last moved through Gemini. Did you experience growth and expansion? As an example, I wrote and published my first book in the Arcturus trilogy series – titled I Am an Experiment. It was a huge stretch. I had been telepathically asked by my internal guidance to write about my meditation journeys to many different star systems and my experience of, and spiritual training by, my star brothers and sisters. I was advised it would open reader’s hearts and awaken their minds to a world beyond their current understanding. To write this book I needed to gather enormous courage to face ridicule and rejection from those close to me, and from potential readers. It was also another challenge to trust my inner guidance. This trust developed through the writing process.

Jupiter in Gemini will be calling for writers to complete and publish their partly written books. And calling those who have been putting off broadening adventures  to begin their journey into the unknown. And calling for teachers to have the courage and the spiritual fire to begin teaching more advanced programmes.

Greater global movement and spiritual growth is ‘in the air’. Prepare accordingly,

Many blessings,