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Mid May 2022 Record Keeper’s Transmission

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Good morning Ashtara, We thank you for taking notice of our call. (My dog Pippin standing up and shaking herself in her bed on my bed at around 3.30am.)

Many people around your planet are wondering why the changed weather events are becoming more adverse. As said previously, “As above, so it is below”. Whatever occurs above in the Solar System and beyond influences the activities of Earth and all living creatures upon her. Your scientists, employed by those with great monetary power, have disturbed the natural rhythms.

The result of these disturbances is experienced on Earth. It is as it is.

Earth’s atmosphere is littered with space junk. Atmospheric pressure changes accordingly.

We will continue at another time. We are the Record Keepers.


Ashtara’s Commentary:

In my recent book, Arcturus Astrology, A Consciousness Accelerator: – I wrote a chapter on Space Junk as a result of receiving an Arcturus Transmission. It follows:

“In all walks of life change is to come. Everything will be different. How you, individually and collectively, handle the change is up to you. A calm and centred approach will ensure a positive outcome. What will create this change you may well ask.

Cosmic design is the answer.

The planets orbit around the Sun in an orderly and calculable design. All Nature is the same. Humans create change by their thoughts and behaviour. When collective thought is against Nature, natural design problems arise. It has always been.

The space around Earth is now littered with junk. Failed human attempts to launch space craft creates this junk. The atmosphere around Earth is no longer clean.

What will be the natural result?

Human thought based on greed created the space debris. The desire for power and control turned to greed, to the detriment of all living creatures.

Wake up humans, to what you are creating in the now that will affect your future.”

Following this transmission I went on the NASA website looking for information on Space Junk.

What I found horrified me. There were graphic images of what we humans had done, and were continuing to do to our planet.

Good morning Ashtara,
Thank you for paying attention to our signal.

We will continue….

For far too long humans have remained ignorant of their creations and how manifestation occurs as a result of thoughts. Many are beginning to realise how this takes place on an individual level.

We speak of the collective level. Many, poisoned by thoughts of greed, have manipulated others to get power over them, individually creating karma that must be repaid at a later time. It is a Law of Nature. Much damage is being done by those with intent to control and manipulate. You have allowed yourselves to be controlled without giving any thought to the consequences.

Many are finally waking up and can now see the effect in daily life of those few conglomerates who govern your lives. Rebellion is occurring, as it must. Balance will be restored. It may be unsettling for many.

As your planet Earth goes through her transition into a higher frequency of light so too will many humans. It may be challenging for those resistant to change.

Nothing can prevent the changes to come. You have set your course.

Earth will shake off negativity and your world will change accordingly.

Those intent on raising their vibration by developing and acting upon acute self-awareness will fare well. We urge you to make this evolutionary growth process a dedicated goal. Invisible Light beings in higher dimensional realms will assist when you willingly take personal responsibility for your life creations. Suffering is unnecessary. A healthy mind creates a healthy body.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.

Ashtara’s continuing commentary:

As I wrote in my book, “As you read and integrate the above message, it would be wise to take into consideration that every word and thought contains a vibration. A negative thought of lack, resentment, jealousy, criticism, arrogance etc. carries a low, heavy and dense vibration. This vibration travels to locations both inside and outside our bodies. Positive thoughts and feelings such as joy, delight, or wonderment contain a high vibration and they also travel. When human collective thoughts are dense and heavy, our planet experiences it…. When we fully embody the fact that within each cell of our body is the living light of Prime Creator’s substance, pure love, we will know peace. When we realise there is a massive army of celestial and extra-terrestrial Light beings working to awaken us individually and collectively into acceptance of this fact, we can invite them to assist us on our journey to higher consciousness. When we know and accept, without a shadow of doubt, we are loved beyond measure, we will feel peace.”

Astrologically, the entire process described above by The Record Keepers is that of transiting Pluto moving through Capricorn. Since 2008, when Pluto first entered Capricorn and when major global banks collapsed, the above transmission’s theme has been gathering force. Many began to become more self-aware at the beginning of the transit taking appropriate action to correct their psychology. Many others did so at different times throughout the fourteen year transit. The main psychological theme of Capricorn is that of taking personal responsibility for our life creations. By so doing personal empowerment results.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,