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Mid May 2022 Astrology News

By May 15, 2022May 22nd, 2022No Comments

Mercury Retrograde

Currently, transiting Mercury is retrograde. What does this mean?  From our perspective on Earth it appears that planet Mercury is travelling backwards, re-tracing some of its former steps. It began its retrograde motion on 10 May and it will continue until 4 June. I’ve had many long years of consciously experiencing Mercury retrograde phases. At first, it used to disturb me because I allowed negative human hype take me over. Now, I welcome the transit. It is  a natural part of life. Mercury is the planet that governs the sign of Gemini and the third house in the natal (birth) chart. During a Mercury retrograde phase, a sibling might create a disturbance, communication and communication devices may have a few hiccups and contracts may experience unusual delays.

I have found this transit can affect the brain and our ability to express ourselves clearly and succinctly. Why? Because, if we’re unaware of our emotional triggers they can affect the words we say and we become incoherent. On the other hand, if emotionally aware, we will choose to delay important communication until feeling emotionally stable. I have noticed that deeply buried revelations or epiphanies can enter our minds during a Mercury retrograde phase. Especially when we use the time constructively to internally re-view and  re-flect on our life creations.

Remember, it is our personal vibration that determines the outcome of our experiences. This is why it is so important to become psychologically self-aware. Astrology is the only way I know of to understand the details involved in the spiritual growth journey of developing  mental, emotional and spiritual mastery.

Transiting Jupiter is now in Aries and new beginnings are happening for those who chose to expand beyond their current limitations while Jupiter was in Pisces. These new beginnings can emerge through internal guidance, intuition and feeling. This is Jupiter’s energy. I’ll share a personal example.

Early in the New Year my clear inner spiritual guidance (Jupiter in Pisces) asked that I sell my house and relocate to Maleny, in the hills around the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. I resisted (Taurus). My home and family attachments (Cancer) needed to be worked through.

I was advised that, as soon as I put my house on the market it would sell. It did, within a couple of hours. There were more emotionally challenging moments. I inspected some houses for sale in Maleny. Nothing felt right. After a few futile inspections I surrendered to my ‘fate’.

Almost immediately, I began to feel a strong and empowering desire to resurrect the sacred circle dance I used to teach.  I felt enormous joy surge through me at the thought of doing so.  Paneurythmy took me, and the groups who chose to accompany me, to many sacred sites around the globe. The vibration we generated at these sacred sites by dancing in a circle to beautiful violin music enabled  the emergence of love, joy and unity. Many of these ancient sites were built on energy vortexes or portals. The spiritual group work done by the group’s love frequency travelled into and through the ley lines around Mother Earth providing her with vibrational nourishment and stability.

After sending the Cosmic Currents last Sunday I received a personal message to look at a new listing on the Maleny real estate website.  There was only one for the entire day. I booked an inspection for the following Tuesday, 10 May, the day Mercury went retrograde, inviting a friend to come with me.  On that day  I received a clear telepathic personal message. “This is your new home Ashtara”. Huh?

The house is small. Perfectly located with a beautiful view. At the bottom of the garden is a powerful energy vortex – a portal. In the space between the vortex and house is a large grassy area where I can practice and teach Paneurythmy. How blessed am I.

On 11 May, when Jupiter entered Aries, I signed an offer form. The following day I signed a contract to purchase. It was counter-signed by the seller. I am now adjusting (Gemini) to my new life situation.

Finally, another quote from my Arcturus Astrology book.

“Through our combined love and group awareness, we can bring stability to not only our planet Earth but also to our Solar System and beyond.”

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,