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Mid May 2022 Arcturus Transmission

By May 22, 2022No Comments

In times to come you will look back on your current lives with amazement, wondering how you could have been so unconscious.

Your every day life is changing rapidly and will continue to do so. The external changes are a reflection of the internal changes taking place within the collective  mind. It is an evolutionary necessity. The more self-aware individuals become the more they affect the collective.

The Age of Aquarius is one of massive changes to human consciousness. Astrology will once again find its rightful place  in the collective mind. This most ancient natural science will once again rise to prominence as an accurate healing tool. It is as it is.

Readers, we ask that you open your hearts and minds to the understanding and acceptance of the need for internal change. An evolutionary step is unfolding  and will continue to do so. Your world is changing. You can assist the process or resist it. Resistance will only create pain and anxiety. Willingness to change your psychology and awaken to a lighter way of being human will bring joy and lightness of spirit. We, and others of like mind, will assist you in making the changes.

You can become conscious of the way we do so. We love you dearly and will come again. We are the Arcturians, steadfast in our desire to support you through your personal journey to the light of higher consciousness and the experience of divine love.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,