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Mid May 2022 2 Astrology News

By May 22, 2022No Comments

A Basic Foundation of Esoteric Astrology

The recent transmissions refer to the theme associated with Uranus, and the sign it rules, Aquarius. In my previous astrology news I have written about them.This time I’ll share a perspective that resonate with my soul and you can choose to adapt it or not.

It is my experience and inner knowing that, prior to birth, our soul group chooses the psychological lessons we will incarnate to learn. It also chooses the parents, family and others who will activate the experiences we need to have in order to evolve into the light of greater self-awareness. This is one of the basic foundations of esoteric astrology.

When will these experiences, or activations, occur? When the transiting planets move into different locations that align with specific placements in our birth charts.  At this time, a soul lesson emerges to be realised, accepted for its truth, and loved to death.

Should we be unaware of our specific psychological patterning we will continue to re-play the same self-destructive habits and patterns and continue to receive the same energy as we always have done, along with the angst and pain associated with the associated lower frequency.

If, on the other hand, we choose to become self aware, willing to take personal responsibility for having created the seeming problem and make a determined and persistent effort to correct it, we will receive a lighter and brighter outcome. Lower, dark and dense (unconscious) thought creates emotions that no longer serve our growth and adversely affect different parts of our body.

The way to experience state of joy, love and good health as a constant depends upon this process.

Our soul knows the natural cosmic system. It’s chosen to incarnate into this 3D dense plane to experience and learn many life lessons. Our Solar System, the luminaries and the planets continue to emit specific frequencies that active the human brain and various parts of the body. The brain’s response to this energy is immediate. The brain sends signals to different body parts depending upon the specific psychological soul lesson the individual has incarnated to become conscious of, and to grow beyond. It has always been. It is not new technology. The entire solar system can be likened to a natural technological healing system through which we can evolve into lighter human beings. All we need do is learn about the energy and themes associated with each specific  sign, planet and house (area of life) where we demonstrate our psychology.  Through serious study and application to one’s life of foundational astrological information, lightness of spirit can arise.

This specific foundation is the one I have taught and written three astrology text books about. My astrology books, available on my website, are simply written, easy to read, and provide many exercises and examples that supports the student on their journey to the embodiment of greater light and divine love.

Currently, June 2022, transiting Uranus, the Bringer of Light frequencies, is approximately half-way through the area of sky relative to Taurus.  Taurus is an earth sign, governing our senses. Throughout this seven year transit we have the opportunity to become aware of our soul’s messages contained within our senses, and learn about ourselves from them. Goose bumps are an example. What truth is learned or spoken that makes our body go into goose bumps? Pay attention because the learning could become a life saver. Another example: our gut receives the anxiety in our minds and immediately creates pain. Our gut may feel as if it’s knotting and churning. Our thought does this. What is that thought?

To me, the application of astrology to my life  has been a life saver and life-enhancer. I choose to use it as described above.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,