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Mid May 2021 2 Arcturus Transmission

By May 17, 2021No Comments

Received 12th May, New Moon in Taurus.

“And it came to pass that as the collective human thought listened more carefully to the inner voice of Spirit, greater joy was experienced. A natural state of being human emerged. Gone were limitations based on fear. The path of joy became the normal life.

We are speaking of civilisations once lived.

This state of being human will come again when seeds of love and joy are planted in the subconscious soil of the human mind.

As our scribe teaches her students, a New Moon is a good time for planting seeds of serious intention. Listening to the inner voice of Spirit and acting upon it, is the next step. This step will feel joyful, maybe a little fearful, and probably not appear logical. Spirit, from its higher and broader perspective, can see far more clearly than the human conscious mind, and has your best interests at heart. Often its guidance comes in the early mornings following a good night’s sleep when the mind is at rest.

You take the first step to joyful living through intention. When clarity of intention comes from heart-felt feelings, the manifestation process doesn’t take long. Attentive listening is needed.

We are the Arcturians. We love you and will come again”.



“We do speak in riddles, purposefully, to engage your mind and hopefully to expand it. Our connection to planet Earth is one of love, as is yours, Ashtara.

We are aspects of yourself experiencing life in finer dimensional frequencies of light. As you have learned to experience your thoughts and feelings from a higher perspective we, as a collective consciousness, also experience.

We come to you in wave forms, blending and merging with your consciousness when able to do so. We feel your love, appreciation and care for your planet and connect with you through it.

In times long ago, when the planet you call home reversed poles, the entire solar system experienced the resultant chaos. This same situation could occur again and your scientists are monitoring the process. What they have yet to realise is the cause of the problem.

All living evolving life is, as you succinctly describe, a package of energy. Humans are beings with a consciousness and the ability to think, feel, sense and act freely as an individual spore. Having played in light fields as a conscious cell in the Eternal Presence, you chose to individuate into single units to experience life in a different way. At first, the individuation process was a game. Knowing you would always return to the haven of peace and ultimate love whenever you chose to do so. You played the game of separation from Source for longer and longer periods of time.

It takes energetic effort to hold and contain memory. Eventually, you descended as individuated units into the dense worlds of the astral plane, gathering form as you did so. Your light energy field gathered dense mass as you experienced life in the lower fields, losing memory of life in the lighter fields of bliss.

And now, you are remembering. Yearning for the times long ago, you seek to recall your soul’s experiences, especially those where darkness prevailed, knowing it is these shadows that block the light.

Accessing your brightest light requires dedication and continual effort. Many are taking this path. As more do so, willingly accepting self as cause of dark psychology, the dense energetic matter released leaves a vacuum that can be consciously filled with light.

Many humans refuse to change, unwilling to remember. Mental illness develops accordingly. Some memories contain emotional pain and this pain needs to be faced before forward movement can occur. Love is the healing agent. The Eternal Presence of Prime Creator is within every cell of your body, and is who you are. You cannot be separated from this pure love Presence. You can think you are. That one thought can be changed.

Many souls are demonstrating this change by their joyful experience of life and increasingly innovate creative expression. Their health improves, and age is not a hinderance.

Because of their previous deep inner work, many children are being born now with a far lighter and higher consciousness. They enter the earth plane to assist their parents remember. Filled with the knowledge and love of Eternal Presence, they share their lightness of Spirit, and their love. Earth stabilises accordingly. It is as It Is.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,