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Mid March 2022 Astrology News

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Is Sedna the Modern Day Nibiru?

Following the sending of last week’s newsletter I relaxed and, as I was eating my lunch self-questioned – “What planetary transit would cause Earth’s tectonic plates to collide?” Immediately I received an answer “Go to your computer”. Huh? This was the last thing I wanted to do after spending most of the morning on it. After all it was Sunday!

I’ve learned the hard way that its best to follow my inner guidance. So I did as suggested. Amongst the many new emails I received was one sent to me before I posted the Cosmic Currents. I respect and value my friend Sally and don’t hear from her often so I opened the email. In it she asked me to watch a video her youngest son had sent to her a few days previously. She wanted my perspective.

Ding-a-ling! The answer to my question answered! The bigger picture reveals.“Sit with it, Ashtara, feel into it, and be aware of any denial” was my self-talk.

Way back in 1991, I purchased a book written by Zecharia Sitchin titled The 12th Planet, published in 1977. It’s a scholastic, detailed and well-researched book, the first in a series called The Earth Chronicles. Sitchin writes about a planet that enters our Solar System once every 3,600 years referring to it as Nibiru. The beings who exist on Nibiru are the Nefilim, written about in the Old Testament and other ancient texts such as the Sumerian and Akkadian. The author’s expertise is in translating and deciphering the original Hebrew text, correlating it to the Old Testament and the human evolution creation story. He learned ancient languages to do so. Astronomy and astrology form part of the text. I read enough of the book to feel it’s validity. It resonated with my soul’s memories. Then I forgot about it and focused instead on learning and applying astrology to myself and my life, intent on my spiritual growth.

Let’s now rock on to 2003.

New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, is the landscape for the next part of the story. The long white cloud symbolises Neptune. I was presenting a Chiron workshop in a retreat centre on the shores of Lake Taupo. Following the presentation, I felt the impulse to walk up the hill towards a small building. A large, burly and balding military man stopped me, gave me a huge bear hug and suddenly burst into tears after saying that my words on Chiron had triggered the healing of a psychological wound he’d carried all his life. Between sobs, he thanked me profusely.

A few minutes later, in the meditation temple on the hill above the workshop building, I facilitated the birth of a star baby. Is this a Neptunian fantasy? No, it was real to the woman giving birth. She was in pain, experiencing intense birth contractions. It was real to me, the midwife. I intuitively knew what was happening and what to do. She didn’t. Nor did the other two women trying to assist her. I was the first to hold that etheric baby in my arms.

I don’t fully understand the etheric birthing process but I have experienced it myself, and have acted as mid-wife to others who have also experienced it. I wrote about it in my I Am An Experiment book. Such a birth must take place in another consciousness dimension for it to make sense. The ‘baby’ is an energy baby, not a physical one even though the symptoms of giving birth are the same as if the baby was physical. Incidentally, the natural shape of Lake Taupo’s surrounding mountain is that of a pregnant woman, breasts and all. Synchronicity?”

On return to Australia I learned about a new planetary discovery in our Solar System. Some astronomers called the cosmic body Sedna, after an Inuit goddess. Some researchers refer to it as Nibiru. A few days later, I received a clear inner directive. It was loud and clear. Pay Attention. Sedna provides a key to humanity’s future.

Sedna is the name of that star baby. I can’t ignore her. …..

From then on, during regular meditations, I began receiving visitations from her. She wanted to train me to work with her. From 2003 to 2007 I conducted many Sedna workshops, training my students as I was being trained. I wrote detailed lesson notes. These notes became a few chapters in my Magdalen Codes book. Maybe it’s time to turn them into a separate book? I had thought about doing so many times, but never did. The information is unique and valuable, however I left it unattended – until now!

Sedna cannot be denied any more. Her once in many thousands of years approach to Earth is creating climate upheaval and her magnetics are playing havoc with our Sun. I’ll share a little of what I wrote in the Magdalen Codes book.

Sedna – Goddess of Synthesis

Sedna appeared to me as a beautiful, seemingly fragile mermaid, with many geometric shapes within her transparent light blue form. Radiating, she looked like a diamond under bright light with all her facets sparkling. She showed me her connection to astrology and I pass this on for you to embrace, or otherwise.

Sedna’s main function is to take us (our consciousness) beyond the realms of Pluto into other galaxies and higher dimensions of space/time reality. Pluto cloaks his light. Sedna reveals her light in all its feminine, vulnerable, seemingly fragile but strong magnificence. She is the crystalline connection to other galaxies through the ‘womb of the mother’. Another of her functions is to assist humans achieve a state of purification, total trust, relaxation, surrender and stillness while fulfilling an active role in our daily life. She brings synthesis to our Neptune/Venus issues after we embrace, own and alchemise through love our shadows.

She also told me that she offers food for the soul. Her fish tail symbolises Pisces/Neptune and her beauty, Venus. She is a synthesis of Neptune and Venus. Here glyph is a vertical symbol of infinity. – an elongated figure of eight, symbolising limitlessness, timelessness and oneness with Spirit. She also told me that she is one of the Nefilim.

Sedna, the Sea Goddess, is the comic body discovered as humanity reaches a sufficient level of evolution to embrace higher consciousness. She is assisting our inner journey to the light.

Her function in the birth chart is to assist human consciousness evolution beyond the confines of solar system consciousness. We are being assisted to raise our consciousness levels to embody galactic, or multi-dimensional consciousness. To enable this process requires that we:

Surrender our personality will to a higher power.
Strengthen our spiritual will.
Become mindful of attacking negative thoughts,
Alchemise all that is not love into love,
Practice toning until vibrational resonance occurs between heart and throat
Practice internal relaxation during activities.

This is the next level of human consciousness evolution. Seems like we need a big shake-up in order to wake-up.

It’s time!

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,