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Mid March 2024 2 The Record Keepers Transmissions

By March 17, 2024No Comments


As the Earth begins to fulfil her destiny of ascending to a higher frequency of light she provides the opportunity for all humans upon her to do the same. What is it that needs doing?

This is not a trick question – rather a sincere one. Humans are polluting our planet. This is evident. A new order is taking place and global hubs are forming whereby people unite as one in prayer, chanting and thanksgiving.

The Earth is your temporary home for your life experience. Your life experiences are changing. Most of you now realise how much your world has changed.  These changes are only the beginning of a journey to create a more harmonious home planet on which to live.

The division we have observed and mentioned many times is growing. We record accordingly. When will it end?  It is being created by the majority’s thoughts. We have mentioned this before. What we have not mentioned is the effect. Apart from the division growing between those consciously self-aware and those not, there is also a division created by those who realise they have an unbroken connection to Prime Creator and those who don’t.  We observe this division becoming wider. What is the unifying substance? There is one. However, it takes a loving heart to experience it. We cannot be more clear.

As our scribe has been writing about for decades, love is the only unifying force. When it is absent wars are deliberately created as a measure for financial gain, power and control over others. We have recorded this human behaviour for millennia.

We are also recording a lighter behaviour. Groups of  people are now coming together to unite and work for the greater good of humanity and our plant. These groups are developing enough inner purity to realise that the greatest good, in acts of service they can give, arises through group unity and love.

We leave you now and will come again. We are the Record Keepers.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,