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Mid March 2024 2 Ashtara’s Musings

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The New/Second Earth

Today, I’d like you to take you on a short journey of approximately 28 years by returning to Christmas 1996.  As a Christmas present I received a painting done by my then four and half year old granddaughter, Natalie. It is one of my most treasured possessions because it is so meaningful. The painting is of 3 spheres or balls, two of them blue and green and the other bright yellow.  One blue/green ball is much larger than the other. There are many bright pink trees, hugs and kisses painted underneath the larger blue/green sphere.

I asked Natalie to tell me about her painting. She said “The big ball in the middle is the Earth, the yellow ball at the back is the Sun. The pink drawings are the trees that grow on the Earth and the hugs and kisses are because I love the Earth so much”. I asked “What is the smaller ball Natalie?” “Grandma, that’s the second Earth”. Huh?

In 1988 I published my first channeled book through the Arcturians – “Gaia, Our Precious Planet “.

In it I wrote: At this time in Gaia’s life many changes are taking place within and without her. It is a time of monumental change as never before seen in her history. It is the time for her to ascend to a higher frequency range, to move into another dimension. She will do this. It is according to the Divine Plan. In oder to do so she needs to cleanse herself of all negativity and darkness accumulated by her over her long lifetime. She intends to become the pure, pristine, clear being she was created to be. She will not tolerate abuse to her body for much longer. She understands that humans are being offered another chance to move into the light – to travel with her into a higher vibration. She welcomes all who love and respect her. She is not greedy. She gives her love and abundance to all. ….

Gaia is completing a 320 million year cycle and moving into a higher spiral of evolution. At the same time she is moving into the photon band – a band of higher vibrational fine light energy where she will remain for approximately two thousand years. This band defines the area of space referred to as the  Age of Aquarius.

Another planet has been prepared to take her place in 3D – a second Earth.

Fast forward seven years to 2005 when Eckhart Tolle, a writer of global renown, published his book “A New Earth” –  a wonderful spiritual book to assist readers develop a higher perspective to life on Earth.

The ‘New Earth’ theme won’t go away! Best it be understood and accepted.

Let me explain my understanding in as simple terms as I can. All living, evolving entities, including us, have an electro-magnetic invisible field around our bodies. It can be photographed by a special camera. Some refer to this energy field as an aura. It can be felt by sensitive people and seen by clairvoyants. It is.

Planet Earth is an evolving body as are all the planets and stars. A star is a Sun, generating it’s own light from within. Planets receive the light from their particular Sun. There are millions of Suns. All living creatures on Earth receive the warmth, light, and life-giving rays from our Sun. All living things have a purpose for being. In simple terms – it is to evolve into greater light and the experience of divine love.

When we leave the earth-plane through death it is our soul and spirit that leave the body. This process is seen by those with the eyes to do so. The body, no longer animated by the spirit and soul, decays quite quickly. Should we not have learned our life lessons on this dense earth plane/dimension, the soul returns to inhabit another physical earthbound body which again becomes animated by spirit. In most cases this newly created home/body is that of a new born baby with a different personality to the one previously experienced. The evolution of the soul is the purpose of incarnation. Creation continues.

As it is for humans, so it is for planet Earth. The process is energetic and is evolutionary. It is a creative process. However, we humans do not have to die to experience the evolution of our souls. Reflect on the number of years that people in ancient civilisations lived. Ancient texts, including the Bible, contain information about humans living for hundreds and a few to thousands of years of age. It seems as if we, as a collective human race, have degenerated. Why? How? I may write about the why and how at another time.

Many who have done deep inner emotional purging and purification work can ascend into a higher frequency of light while still living in the same body. This psychological purification process enables the body to build a lighter and cleaner internal mechanism whereby higher vibrational loving energies can flow through them, unimpeded by psychological dross. They experience the higher dimensions and the Christ Light within them, and choose to live by it.  I understand this evolutionary creation process because I have experienced and written about it in the first two books of my Arcturus Astrology trilogy, the first being I am an Experiment, the second being The Magdalen Codes

Planet Earth is undergoing an evolutionary/creation process. In her billions of years of existence she has reached a vibrational level whereby she is ready and able to ascend into a different frequency range/dimension of light.

We humans exist within her energy body of light, just as we all exist within Prime Creator’s energy field – or hologram. We humans are the ones who are aiding or disabling Gaia – planet Earth – to evolve or die. We have been killing her. Now, many of us are assisting her ascension into greater light.

Each day we create our global future by the thoughts, emotions and actions we  think and take. We choose whether we want to ascend with Gaia into a higher dimensional plane of experience, or not. To ascend with Gaia we need to purposefully become aware of, and clean-up our psychological poisons and, in their place, fill our hearts daily with sincere gratitude, Prime Creator’s love and cosmic light.

A New Earth is manifesting. There are now enough of us who have chosen to serve the greater good of the whole by cleaning up our dense psychology – and consciously, through self-awareness, detached objectivity and love in our hearts, learned to maintain internal harmony – under all circumstances. We have developed  a sustained heart resonance that blends with Mother Earth’s harmonics enabling the manifestation of regular synchronicities and divine grace.

You too can choose to commit to this path of Divine Love.