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Mid March 2024 2 Arcturus Transmissions

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“In times to come, when the earth is far less populated than now, a Golden Age of Peace will reign. Wars will be obsolete, seen as childish games. From our perspective, they are.

There is no need for competition, for winners and losers. When all embrace the Creator’s love within, everyone wins. Wars can be financially lucrative for those creating them. Getting something is usually the motive behind them. ‘Being right’, is another. Getting something for self at the expense of another is a child’s war game, as is needing to be right. Warring games will become obsolete because peace will prevail. An evolutionary process will have taken place to enable this outcome. You will choose the method by your collective thoughts.

Human evolution into greater light and love will take place. It is a given.
Human choice, based on free will, is behind outcomes. The sooner you choose peace, a product of love, the sooner your internal wars will cease. When internal wars cease, external wars will cease.

So simple.

Harmonising your internal nature by seeking, and finding, the divine light within and acting upon its loving guidance, is the pathway to peace. You choose the direction.

Prime Creator’s love-sparks are within all living species; plants, animals, birds, humans, planets, stars and galaxies, are all evolving and expanding in consciousness. Stagnation cannot exist in an expanding universe. You have free will to make the choice to expand your consciousness, or to stagnate. Consciousness expansion is the beneficial choice.

We love you dearly, and will come again”.




“We seek to open human minds to perceive a higher perspective, and to open human hearts to experience Prime Creator’s love. This is our agenda. We do not seek to get, only to give. We view from our higher perspective the human plight, and see where you are heading if you do not change your ways. It isn’t pleasant. The global issues currently occurring are a precursor to what lies ahead for those unwilling to awaken. We speak plainly because we care. Change is taking place, slowly.

When people become immersed in daily turmoil where is the light? It cannot enter busy minds. It is always there to be seen, but appears invisible to some. A calm and peaceful mind is needed to allow the light entrance. There are different methods that can be practiced to enable this outcome. You choose the one that works for you. Living life in love and joy was a natural state until other choices were made. You can again choose to live naturally, as your Creator desires, or not.

We urge you to choose the beneficial state of being over a life filled with anxieties and fear, and you will attract accordingly”.




“Thank you for hearing our call.  We love and care for you as our children, and want the best for you.  We see the direction you are heading and seek to steer you along a higher road, the road that leads to joy.

You make your choices, and we honour them. We have not walked in your shoes. Many of you are experiencing a transformational process. Whether conscious of it or not, it is in effect. The world you once knew has gone. A new world awaits. You create it with your collective thought forms. When they are based on love and giving, this is what you will create.

Look around you. Do you see the beauty of nature? The trees collect and absorb human density and recycle it. They provide shelter, privacy, beauty, warmth and often food. They give of their bounty to all, without conditions. You can do the same. You can give of your bounty – your love, joy and unique gifts – to all, without conditions and, in so doing, create a bountiful future.

We are the Arcturians, we love you dearly, and will come again”.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,