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Mid March 2023 Pleiadian Transmission

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8 March 2023

Good morning, Ashtara. We are the Pleiadians. Thank you for taking our call.

We are troubled. Even though the light in people’s minds and hearts is growing, more lights on are needed.

Everything in existence contains and emits a frequency. When a human has awakened to their Christ Light within and is living life according to this knowing, their frequency is finer and lighter. This light aids the planet and all living things. The opposite is true. When humans live their lives from a purely materialistic perspective, shadows abound and life is problematic. It is.

When living life in love, synchronicities occur and life becomes magical.

Why then do humans not do so?

Why allow shadows to overtake the human mind?

Wake up humans, to the love inside of you. Love created you. Love will sustain you. Love energises you.

Why choose to keep it hidden?

We will come again.


9 March 2023

We come again with hope in our hearts.

From our perspective we see positive change occurring. It is slow but steady.

To live life without awareness of the Divine Presence within must be like living in a hollow tube without meaning and purpose. Mechanistic, hollow and unfulfilling would be the life experience without love.

Most people turn to God at a tragic time. A prayer arises from deep within. Why bury this prayer under layers of materiality? Why not bring it to the forefront of your mind? By so doing, life will change for the better. A simple thought, and one that is life-enriching.

Ashtara wrote a chapter heading in her Arcturus Astrology book called Sunlight and Roses. We suggest you approach each new day with these words in mind. You can create each day filled with sunlight and roses. What you focus your mind on, will be.

We will come again.



12 March: 2023 – 3.00am

Good morning Ashtara! Thank you for taking our call. We will be brief.

For far too long humans have lived their lives in material pursuits without considering a spiritual perspective.  An imbalance exists and will be corrected.

To deny one’s spirit is to deny life itself.

Spirit infuses and animates all life. A time is coming – quite soon – when this imbalance will be corrected. For those living lives from a purely materialistic perspective the correction may be shocking and unpleasant.

We seek to inform, not to alarm.

There have been many prophecies that foretold the times approaching, from the esoteric to the indigenous perspectives.  Religious texts also contain words to describe what is to come.

We will advise more as we become aware. We will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,