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Mid March 2023 Astrology News

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Pluto 29 deg.Cap. trine Sedna 28 deg.Taurus

From early 2022 to 2027 this cosmic aspect energises and activates the acceleration of  human consciousness.This acceleration provides the energetic opportunity to develop multi-dimensional, or galactic consciousness. Pluto governs the evolution of the soul and is the planetary agent of psychological transformation. This alchemical transformation requires courage because it involves the death of the old way of being human and a resurrection into an unknown new, lighter state of being.

Pluto’s transformational ‘dark night of the soul’ journey takes us into our sub-conscious depths where we have the opportunity to retrieve our treasure of truth. The treasure is the recall of ancient soul memories where many life lessons were presented that may or may not have been learned. If not, they replay in this life, and will continue to do so in future lives until learned. Wisdom comes as a result of their acceptance, the taking of responsibility for creating them, and the willingness to heal the issues through love.

The necessary psychological ‘dark night of the soul’ is an initiation process, or a rite of passage leading to awakening.  Fundamentally, it is a process of identity shift from decaying historical programming and parental, religious and governmental conditioning whereby individuality was stifled, into the restoration of trust in the Eternal Being at the source of your life.  During this awakening process your sense of self blossoms into an accurate awareness of your true divine self. This transformed awareness includes your former sense of being one among many but also includes an awareness of a reality  greater than anything you could have previously imagined. You know and accept you are the creator of your reality, the source of your life creations. You know and accept that Eternal Being is inside of you and that you cannot ever be separated.

Soon, when Pluto moves into Aquarius on 24 March we, who have done or are doing, this deep inner transformational soul work, will be provided with greater clarity of mind through the light of illuminating self-realisations. These realisations will come in thick and fast, so be prepared to ‘see the light’, and to act positively on whatever the light reveals.

In late 2003 Sedna, a new discovery beyond Pluto in our Solar System, made herself known to me. Over a period of many months she trained me to learn, understand and experience her vibrational energy. I wrote about some of her multi-dimensional training in my Magdalen Codes book.

Our precious planet is moving through a different area of space where it is being bombarded by Aquarian Age finer light frequencies. These frequencies are assisting our evolutionary awakening into greater light and love. To aid this awakening, the above planetary aspect ignites ancient soul memories. It is through the easy flowing aspect between these two planetary players that we humans are experiencing accelerated wake-up calls that result in illuminating insights and self-realisations.

During her training, Sedna came to me as a light-filled mermaid in a crystalline form. I could clearly see the slightly blue geometric crystalline patterns inside her form.  Crystals contain codes of information. In my book I wrote:

Within Sedna’s clear crystalline form is many codes of light and much information of other galaxies.  She assists us to dive into our akashic (soul) records to read our individualised crystalline patterning. She helps bring clarity to our galactic star roots. …

When we recognise, and clear our psychological density, our blood changes and becomes light filled. This light develops geometric shapes. These light-filled crystals contain our codes containing the information we each have gathered along our soul’s journey.

Medical intuitives, with the psychic ability to view inside the body, can see the geometric shapes in our blood but may not understand their significance.  ….. She (Sedna) is the crystalline connection between our solar system and the galaxies beyond. Her glyph is the vertical infinity symbol and her function in the birth chart is to assist human evolution beyond the confines of our solar system consciousness into galactic, or multi-dimensional consciousness”.

Sedna, the Inuit Sea Goddess, is the cosmic body discovered as humanity reached a sufficient level of spiritual evolution to embrace a higher dimension of consciousness.

Co-ruling Libra and Pisces she is a synthesis of Neptune and Venus operating at a higher octave of consciousness.

The process of advancing our evolutionary journey into higher consciousness requires that we:

Surrender our personality will to a Higher Power.

Strengthen our spiritual will

Be mindful of attacking birds (negative thoughts) and not allow them to take us over,

Alchemise all that is not love, enabling emergence of an open and loving heart

Practice toning until vibrational resonance occurs between the heart and throat chakras

Practice internal relaxation during activities”.

Sedna is the bridge we each need to cross from our third dimensional, materialistic  way of thinking and living, to reach the other side where galactic thought, experience and being is paramount. Some call this the fifth dimension.

You can visualise this bridge-crossing journey in a meditation and call upon Sedna, a light filled mermaid, to assist your journey into greater light and love. She will be delighted to work with you. She particularly enjoys toning the sound of Eeeeeee… When meditating, why not practice making this sound, being aware of your energy field and what happens to it as you tone with a love-filled heart.

According to the Mayan time keepers,

“An extraordinary world is waiting to be birthed. We are in a world awakening. A 26,000 galactic cycle has ended: During this time our ancestors lived through five Suns, each one lasting 5,200 years. They had to surrender to a knowing within the unknown. In the ‘Time of the Sixth Sun ‘, we need to filter out ways of thinking so our intuitive sixth, seventh and higher senses can show us the way. Love and trust  are the keys”. May you allow them to guide your life.

12 March 2023

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,