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Mid March 2023 A Crack in the Cosmic Window

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Love is Joy and Power

Love is joy – the joy felt and experienced when in one’s own true power. Power is the ability to express yourself fully from the heart without fear or limitations. Power is one’s  own personal connection to the God Force, the Creative Force.

By truly expressing the essence of who you are in your heart, you will experience power.

Power can be abused when you use your creative expression to have power over another, whether consciously or unconsciously. Much karma is accumulated through abuse of power.

It is the personal responsibility of each and everyone to use your power, your current from God, for good; good of self, and good of others. This is what our Creator intended.

The world is in such a mess now because of the abuse of power by individuals. It is insidious. It is the duty and responsibility of each person on Earth to find their own source of creative power and to use it for good. To give up the abuse of either having power over others by wanting to control them to be a certain way, or by giving power away to another through submitting to their personal egos. Both are abuses of a God-given force.

Learn to tap into your power place – to tap into your own special current given to you by the Creator, and be powerful. This true power comes from your heart and from love. It comes through when you love yourself, your soul – so much and know that you have a direct connection to God.

When doubts and anxiety come in, the current is weakened. When fear enters, love exits. The two cannot co-exist in the same space.

Love is all there is. Love is the glue that binds the Universe together. Love, not hate, is what is needed to make this Earth a joyous and peaceful place to live. This love must come first from within each individual.

Each individual is a spark of God’s consciousness, or energy. Each individual can make that spark grow by becoming aware of themselves, their thoughts, actions and attitudes. Where your attitudes are creating feelings of powerlessness, transmute that energy through love. Love of yourself, the spark of the Divine Creator within you.

Love makes the world go round.

Love is the essence of creation

Love is total truth

Love is expressing yourself powerfully, using the energy given to you by the Creator in a manner that serves you and others for good.

Love brings joy, peace and acceptance of what is.

Love Is.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,