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Mid March 2022 2 Pleiadian Transmission

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Good morning Ashtara – thank you for hearing our call.

Our message today is different to that of other times. We watch human behaviour with wonderment. We do not have the variety of emotion that you do. We bask in the emotion of love and joy. Dark emotions are unknown. Millennia ago we had these emotions but chose to evolve beyond them. We are you – in your future. We did not need a calamity in order for us to unify. It appears you do otherwise forward evolutionary movement cannot occur.

We are of the Light, as were you millions of years ago. You were infected by others who were not.

To avoid experiencing such a calamity again we suggest you make a determined effort to raise your levels of consciousness. Only those with dark thoughts and emotions create dark experiences and do so repeatedly, seemingly unable to learn from history.

As the Arcturians have said to you many times, you are in a transition phase from one state of being to an other. From an unaware and unconscious state of being to one of self-awareness, conscious of your thoughts and emotions and choosing light over dark. No one can do this for you. It is a choice.

Those who consciously, or unconsciously choose dark will experience dark, the worst of the approaching calamity. Those who choose the light of self-awareness and practice attentive listening to their higher self will experience light.  It is natural law governed by electro-magnetism.

We leave you now and will come again.

We are the Pleiadians.


Ashtara’s Commentary:

Motivating students and readers to raise their levels of consciousness has been, and still is my life’s work. Many students learned and practiced the teaching as a living experience, and were able to raise their consciousness levels. Many didn’t. It is as it is. The global situation is obviously becoming extremely serious. The dark are involved in obvious warfare. I recommend you take the above transmission most seriously.

One very early morning sometime last week I prepared to receive a transmission. Instead the following text emerged from within me.

You may find it relevant.

“The gods of old, those who genetically manipulated a species on Earth to become as robots and clones to work in the African mines, often acted as naughty children.They didn’t want to continue labouring in the mines themselves so decided to create robots and clones from the existing Earth species to work for them.

Their advanced sciences, included genetic engineering, proved useful. Genetic engineers were asked to interfere with the local species’ genetics in order to create robotic workers, as it is today.

Ancient records etched into stone attest to this truth.

A human species was created to work as slaves to supply a work force for those who sought to take Earth’s resources for their own use. Homo sapiens were created through genetic manipulation.

As is now being done in our laborites, so it was in ancient  times – before the great flood.

I feel the last few words have importance.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,