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Mid March 2022 2 Astrology News

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Jupiter and Neptune  – A Reunion Party

On 12th April 2022 there is to be an exact conjunction between planets Jupiter and Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces. From now until then, and for a few weeks following, these two cosmic players will be having a reunion party. Last time they met was on 17 March 1856 so it’s quite an important reunion.

Those people with planets or points in their birth charts from 22 degrees to 26 degrees, especially in the mutable signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces, will feel the effect of this conjunction more so than others. You might wish to check your birth charts to see in which area of life (house) this cosmic energy plays out in your life.

Pisces, a water sign and the last sign of the zodiac, contains a reservoir of unprocessed emotions from life in your Mother’s womb, and other lifetimes. These emotions, in the form of memories, arise as feelings. When activated by a transiting planet, vague memories can stir in the subconscious mind, bringing strange feelings and emotions. You may feel wobbly in the legs – or feel as if you have taken too much alcohol or drugs. Confusion and brain fog may arise. Unusual undiagnosable illnesses may arise as the unprocessed emotions seek expression through self-awareness and understanding. Illness is a result of negative thought patterns especially those based on fear, judgements and limitations. Jupiter doesn’t like limitations. It seeks to open you up to broader self-realisations and the development of wisdom. Once self-realisation occurs through intuition and insight, progress can be made. Positive forward action based on the revealed Light of truth needs to be taken so the issue can be healed – forever.

Jupiter seeks truth and forward expansive movement. Pisces seeks union with divinity. When we focus on spiritual growth, allowing our heart and intuition to guide, life flows well. Miracles occur. This energy is prevalent now. It’s your choice as to how you use it.

Bear in mind, and realise the truth of the axiom: “As above, so below.” As it is in the heavens, so it is on Earth.

So what meaning and purpose do these two cosmic players beginning to party in the ‘heavens’ contribute to our earthly experiences in the ‘below’?

Both players are comfortable in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces, and Jupiter is a former ruler of Pisces. Jupiter will simply enlarge upon whatever is Neptune’s downloading influence.

So what is their combined influence? Neptune governs our connection to divinity. Our Higher Self connects our personality to divinity should we be open to it. Jupiter governs higher knowledge, wisdom and truth.

What is your deepest truth? Do you live by, and do you value your own truth? If not, why not? Do you allow yourselves to be coerced, lied to and deceived by those who you think have more knowledge and wisdom than you? Do you speak, and live your truth? What will it take for you to honour your higher self enough to listen to, live and be your truth?

Listed below are some related and connecting key words with themes that may arise for you during this conjunction period.

Should you operate in aware levels of consciousness then Jupiter and Neptune together offer opportunities for:

Expansion of your spiritual growth
Expansion of your psychic abilities
Greater mental clarity
Developing the ability to see clearly the illusionary stories being perpetuated by the mass media
Expanding your understanding of dream images, realising their greater symbolic meaning and purpose
Expanding your artistic abilities
Desiring, and taking forward steps towards spiritual unity and Oneness.
Developing the ability to tune into your heart and, with feelings of love use your imagination to create future realities for yourself – (the more detailed, the more likely their manifestation).
Tuning in to higher realms to experience ecstasy.
Choosing to practice regular meditation.

As for the collective, it is a great opportunity for the expansion of consciousness.

All it takes to take advantage of this once in 186 years combined energy is serious intention and commitment to your spiritual growth path. And then take the step forward that will begin, or continue the process. Resisting and procrastinating may create mental delusions, illusions and deception on a large scale.

Should you choose to remain unconscious, unwilling to commit to your spiritual growth through self-awareness then you may experience:

The desire to escape into an illusionary world, continuing to allow distractions.
Refusal to face and accept truth through fear of what you might encounter
The unwillingness to face and take responsibility for your thought based created reality
Develop greater mind fog resulting from the energy of unresolved and unconscious emotional issues rising to the brain.
Experience an Increase in mental health problems and/or undiagnosable illnesses.
Experience emotions reaching unprecedented heights.
Partake of too much alcohol or drugs that create mental havoc.

On the collective level there may be global flooding, more suicides and mental illnesses.

Our choice! It’s up to us.




Please use the Aries equinoctial energies tomorrow, 21 March, to anchor a serious intention and commitment to raising your consciousness through self-awareness, in order to bring stabilising light to assist yourself, family and Mother Earth in her endeavours to maintain equilibrium in the rocky times ahead.

“And it came to pass that as humans began waking up in increasing numbers the predicted effects of the calamity were not as great. The light of self-awareness was the key. The vibrational effect of increased light stabilised those areas of planet Earth where awakened people dwelt. The light of higher consciousness is the key to the survival of the species”.

“This is why we have been so insistent on supporting you. There have always been awakened teachers on your planet such as our scribe who have persisted in their efforts to raise human consciousness because they have experienced the consequences of not doing so. Their ways have been many. Some succeeded. Our scribe chose astrology as her tool. She chose well.

“Wake up humans – to a future you are creating by the thoughts you think. Intend to think only those thoughts that bring harmony and joy to your hearts. Let all negativity go. Recognise the darkness within and refuse to allow it to take you over. You now realise the value of doing so.

“We love you dearly and will come again.

“We are the Pleiadians.”

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,