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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid March 2 2021 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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“We begin,

Within a few more of your earth years, you will experience changes never thought possible. As the light accelerates and more people awaken through self-realisation, a wave of shame will sweep over the planet. You will no longer be able to continue doing what you have always done. Your conscience will prevent it.

In all walks of life, and within all races the “wake-up call to truth” will be heard. For those unwilling to change old ways of being and doing, life could be hard. Challenges will need to be overcome. For those already in the Light, joy will abound and the road forward will seem magical.

Embracing new spiritual beliefs about your perspective of God will bring about unprecedented change. For far too long the false idea of a punishing God and a God to be feared has kept you in a controlled environment. Limitations and fears have restricted forward movement. Your scientists and philosophers’ understanding that God is within all creation will finally be accepted.  And, that what you do to another you also do to yourself will become an integrated understanding.

Because of these changes of belief, humans will change the world. Each human lives within a world of their own creation. Created by thought, you make manifest your thoughts. You are the one making light or dark thoughts, and create your world accordingly. When this reality is finally realised, you will choose to change.

New scientific studies are revealing that which ancient wisdom has always known. The content of human thought creates the realities experienced.

Your perception of God will change when you realise you are the creator of the reality experienced.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.”



“Great is the plan for human evolution. Created in the beginning through love and delight, it allows for individual free will and choice. You choose the life you live. You may be conscious of your choices, or not.

Over the millions of years of human life on planet earth, you have learned and experienced according to your free will choices. These experiences accumulate knowledge. Where is this knowledge stored? In your soul’s memory.

From love you were created, and to love you return. Along the journey much has been experienced. As you experience, so you learn. Currently your learning is accelerating. No longer can you remain in ignorance of your soul’s journey, nor its return to the Light of Prime Creator. No longer can you allow control and manipulation by those with non-loving agendas. You are not robots, moving through life according to other’s beliefs. When individuals, cultures and races clash, it is because of different beliefs. You have chosen to create wars accordingly.

You can choose peace. Should you reflect on your lives, you will realise that all discord is created through belief. Some believe they are specially chosen by a God who has preferences. Yet all are created equal, each with free will. You can choose to believe in superiority or you can choose to play the role of victim, or not. You choose to live life according to your beliefs.

You can choose to live as designed, sovereign unto yourself, in love with life and grateful for the choice to create it consciously with joy, or not”.


“As you open up to broader perspectives of yourself, and of life, changes will occur. Perceiving life through one lens only invites rigidity of belief. There are so many ways to perceive life. You choose the way.

When perceptions are love-based, life glows with vitality and joy. When perceptions are based on past hurts, you will experience much of the same. You choose to view life through a lens of darkness or of light.

There are many ways to perceive life, and you make judgements accordingly. Those with wisdom know there is no right or wrong, it is only your perception of it. When viewing life from a higher perspective, compassion and love replace judgements. Life is experienced through perception and perceptions are based on belief.

Beliefs are changing. What you believed yesterday may not be what you believe today.
You may have had an experience yesterday that altered your belief, enabling you to perceive life from a higher perspective.

Life changes when your perception of it changes.”



“As humans awaken through self-realisations and see life on earth more clearly, their minds expand to take in more information. This process of expansion leads to even greater awareness.

Evolution of your species is accelerating. The advance of technology is the external reflection of the inner evolutionary process. This process is changing the world. No longer can it be as it was in the past.

All aspects of life are subject to change. Old systems cannot be sustained. Your religious, political, financial, educational and medical systems, and the structures that created them cannot be sustained in their current form. Most have been created as control measures.

As people awaken to old beliefs and patterns of thought and behaviour, and transform them, the ensuing light of conscious self-awareness travels and spreads. The light touches others and they also wake-up.

The process of evolutionary change – of waking up to formerly hidden truths, is changing the world. You, as an individual spark of consciousness are a vital part of the global change. You affect the whole by the nature of your vibration. When choosing to life your life through loving kindness and gratitude, you accelerate your journey, and also the journey of all those around you”.



“As it was in the past, so it will be in your future. Energy is constantly in motion, as with the planets in your Solar System there is continual motion.  Energy in motion. Emotion is energy in motion. Thoughts are energy in motion. Planet earth is continually in motion. It may not feel like it.

Energy travels in cycles and spirals. Nature is proof of this motion. Reflect on a sea shell or a snail. Within a human life span are time cycles. Life changes accordingly. Astrology depicts these cycles. The cycles are orderly. You can learn to understand Nature’s order. It is constant and forever in motion.

At this point in your evolution, a revolution is taking place. No longer are humans willing to live lives under man-made control systems, created to withhold freedom. In all walks of life giant corporations are controlling your lives. You have allowed it. It Is. As many are now waking up to this truth a quiet revolution is taking place. Old systems of religion, education, politics, finance and health are breaking down. This will continue. As each individual awakens from the deep sleep of amnesia, the ensuing light of awareness will spread. Shadows cannot exist when light penetrates them.

An evolutionary revolution is in effect and is gathering momentum. Those resistant to change may struggle. Break-throughs in science will continue, rendering outdated religious beliefs null and void. A new way of being human is emerging. Some will resist this evolutionary spiral – to no avail. Light will continue to shine in the darkness and the darkness will like it not. It Is as It Is”.



“All humans were created for the purpose to grow and evolve into super, or Christ conscious beings, aware of their connection to the One Creative Force you know of as God/Goddess/All That Is.

Creation is infinite. As your scientists have discovered, the Universe and everything within it is in a constant state of expansion and growth. Humans are currently in a growth phase. It is accelerating.  The growth is related to consciousness. It is time for humans to become fully conscious beings, aware of the God Force within and seeking to serve this Source energy to their fullest capacity.

Delighting in sharing your unique creations is the pathway.  You have free will to express your creations in a way that resonates with your heart and soul. Each of you have the opportunity to live fulfilling and life-enhancing lives, should you choose to access and perfect your natural creative gifts and talents. Each unique creation contributes to the whole, benefitting all. The design is simple, is it not?

To uncover your soul’s innate natural creative expression seems to be a problem for some. The uncovering takes self-awareness developed through self-knowledge. To know yourself as a cell within the great ‘Body’ of the One Source is part of the journey to self-awareness. This knowing may be intellectual rather than embodied.  When embodied, a brighter light shines through the eyes and the entire persona. Others notice the light and the joy of life that arises from the embodiment of the knowledge.

To live life sustained by sharing one’s self-determined unique form of soul expression, is the ultimate delight.

Life force energy, which is pure love and light, flows from the soul’s known and expressed connection to Source, enlivening the body. Freely given, love heals all it touches. It is the Force that connects all of life. Love really does make the world go around.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,