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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid June 2024 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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We observe and record as mentioned many times. Our records are kept in what you call the akasha. An invisible reality, available to souls who seek to learn and to grow into more awake and aware human beings.

Our scribe has accessed many of her soul’s records through deep and focused meditation. You can also do this. It requires the development of a calm and still mind and intent. Each are as important as the other.

Part of the awakening journey is to know yourself. Not only to know the aspects of your personality but also those of your soul. This process requires curiosity.

We observe the majority of people being involved with the deliberately induced societal programmes that suck you in to a superficial illusionary world, enticing you to engage in everything except the most valuable journey of self-knowledge. It is as it is. We record these enticements and your reactions to them.

There will come a time when these lures will not longer hold you captive. For many, that time is now. For others, it may be another life.

For those willing to awaken, the invisible support you receive from the higher realms will astound. There are so many light beings eager to support your inner journey to the light of higher consciousness to know your truth, the truth contained within your soul. It is what connects you through your hearts to a love so great and so sublime that you will never feel lack again.

We are the Record Keepers and will come again.


All of you have come so far since we have been sharing our messages. We thank you. We observe the results of our messages and record them in the akasha. You are waking up as you integrate and act upon our messages. We thank you.

As mentioned previously, the world you knew is no more. Changes will continue. Each reader will feel these changes differently. Lessons will be learned accordingly.

You have incarnated on this planet to become aware of, and to release, old karma through self-awareness and self-responsibility. Situations will be given to you in which to do so. The Universal Law of Attraction is always in motion. When this natural process occurs is different for everyone. It is according to the timing of planetary transits. The soul knows the Solar System and the planetary orbits and incarnates at certain cyclic times in order to experience their influences. The incarnation is planned accordingly. The process, an energetic one, is according to cosmic design with the approval of the soul. It may assist your life’s journey to know this. We notice how you make more connections in your mind when a truth is known and integrated.

We will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,