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Mid June 2022 Astrology News

By June 20, 2022No Comments

Saturn square North & South Nodes

A square is a 45 degree challenging angle between one planet or point and another.

The above aspect is currently influencing the collective through individuals with planets or points around the 25 degree mark of the fixed signs of Taurus/Scorpio/Leo and Aquarius. If not self-aware, this challenging energy package will be creating internal turmoil and friction. Saturn’s agenda in Aquarius is:-

“It’s time to wake up people to what you are creating as your future by realising the controlling agendas of those in authority. It’s time to break free from limiting karma and societal agendas to view your lives from a higher perspective. It’s time to become your own authority, sovereign into yourself.

Can you see how the Pleiadians are using this particular cosmic transit to spread their message of change?

The Nodes of the Moon are important points in the astrology chart. They involve a cross-over point of the apparent motion between the Moon and Earth. I liken their positions in a birth chart to a cosmic ladder. Imagine a ladder or a stairway to ‘heaven’ with the ‘destiny’ point or the soul’s purpose for incarnation, symbolised by the North Node at the top of the ladder.

Imagine the soul at the top of the ladder holding a juicy fresh carrot. At the bottom of the ladder is the South Node (the glyph looks like upside down headphones). This position in a birth chart symbolises habitual and limiting psychological patterning brought into this incarnation from former lives.

I’ve taught my students to imagine they have four legs like a donkey, and have, prior to incarnation, agreed to climb this ladder to the top to reach that precious carrot. There will be a lot of pooping along the way. What will assist the climb to the top? Your well learned natural gifts and talents. What are they? It’s up to you to recognise and work with them. They can be identified in your birth chart.

So what’s this got to do with now? This patterning is in the cosmos now, and has been for some time. Question how much you’re willing to move up your personal ladder to the greater Light of higher consciousness, your Soul’s agenda – (the carrot).

How willing are you to take responsibility for your life creations to date? Question your way of loving, living and working. Are you creating your life according to your true aspirations? If not, why not? Is a limitation holding you back?

Saturn, 25 Aquarius, is currently retrograde and will be until 22 October 2022 when it stations and moves direct at 18 Aquarius. This is a re-establishing pattern. Any career, or life changes are likely to involve a different and possibly challenging way of living and working, involving new technology. When you rise to the challenge, a brighter future is assured. Hard work will be needed. Relationships can thrive when you are willing to do the inner psychological work needed to claim your sovereignty by setting clear energetic boundaries .

It’s a good time to invest your energy in deciding where and how you want the future ‘you’ to shine. Question as to what it is that gives you feelings of joy and fulfilment and follow it, realising the need for practicality, responsibility and maturity. New solid and long lasting foundations will need to be set in place. Consolidate this basic foundation and readjust to an awakened and conscious way of being you.

Yesterday and today, transiting Saturn in Aquarius is in exact square aspect to Venus in Taurus. What does this mean? You may be challenged by a particular person with whom you may be in a business or personal relationship – quite possibly with a woman. It’s up to you to demonstrate maturity, responsibility and self-awareness during the process of the challenge. When involved in the exchange, be the observer of yourself – aware of your feelings, body responses and past patterning, and rise above former reactionary patterns. You will feel immeasurably lighter and your Spirit will rejoice.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,