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Mid June 2021 The Record Keeper’s Transmissions

By June 14, 2021June 16th, 2021No Comments

“We begin,

We will not leave you now we have a scribe who is willing and able to hear and record our messages accurately. Much is still to be revealed. Little by little, as we see you are able to comprehend, we will add more.

You, as a race of humans have existed in slightly different forms for millions of years. On a few occasions in the past your collective mind destroyed your civilisation, as you are on the brink of doing again. Some survived. Your human race continues.

Our scribe has memories of observing a previous civilisation, Atlantis, destroy itself. At that time, she made a vow to do what she could to prevent the same happening again. We are here to assist her. She observes a repeat of the same behaviour and collective mind set.

If you could only open your eyes to see from a higher perspective than your current purely materialistic one, you would realise with wonder the magnificence of your creation and of how you create your reality by your thoughts and subsequent actions. There is no need to create drama or psychological pollution. Yes, you have karma to work through. The Universal Law of Attraction is always in motion. You can create loving karma through sincere good will and loving kindness. Dramas will then cease because you will perceive life differently from a higher perspective. This is why we suggest you learn to view yourself and your thoughts and feelings from a watcher in a tower perspective. All it takes to do so is intent and practice. You will then realise how you create accordingly.

You are magnificent creators, mostly unconscious ones. Sleeping under a heavy blanket of mental and spiritual amnesia we seek to awaken you. Each awakened one contributes to the collective mind, adding a spark of light. The light glows within the darkness and joins with other sparks to create even greater light beams. Like torch light shining into the night sky your light beam brightens, assisting others to remove their amnesia blankets.

You can choose to be a bringer of light.

Many pockets of light are seen by those with eyes to do so. We rejoice.

To stabilise your planet as it hurtles through unknown areas of space requires many more sleeping ones to awaken to self-awareness. Know Thyself and then you can know God. The essence of God, in the form of higher consciousness, light based on love, is within each of you.

Light and love are your essence. You cannot be separated from your Creator. You can think you are.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.”


“We begin,

The time is fast approaching when the prophesised changes are to occur. All it takes to make the change is to realise you are a part of God, of Prime Creator, and cannot be separated.

Give yourselves quiet time and space in your daily lives to allow this truth to anchor in your heart and minds. Bask in the warm feelings that will follow from the acceptance of it. When anchored and you open to the warm feelings of love, your lives will change for the better. This simple act will help in stabilising planet Earth. She, like a mother, nurtures and provides for you. You can show your appreciation of her through the realisation you are both aspects of the One Prime Creator, existing in an infinite field of love.

We suggest you do this practice regularly, on a daily basis until you feel the joy and unification in your heart and soul. You will then you are loved beyond measure.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.


“We begin,

As it was two thousand years ago so it will be again. A Christ was born to demonstrate the ability of a human to purify psychology and to resurrect into a body of Light. Jesus said that whatever he did you can also do.

Every human soul is connected to the One Source. No matter how much psychological baggage each one has built up over many lifetimes, the purity of that connection is there.

You can choose to consciously work through dense polluting baggage, allowing the soul light to shine more brightly, or not.

For those who do, a new evolution awaits. You will leave behind all that prevents access to the internal Christ Light and you will radiate good health, happiness and joy accordingly. This state of being love and light allowing the Christ Light to shine clearly, is referred to in the old sacred texts as the second coming of Christ.

It is prophesised, and is in the making.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,