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Mid June 2020 Transmissions

By June 14, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

We, the Arcturians, observe with wonderment human behaviour. For aeons of time many of you repeat the same re-active patterns without conscious self-awareness. As you continue to experience the same results we wonder when you will change. We notice it takes a large upsetting event to do so. There is no need for emotional upset. Life can be lived in harmony. Maybe harmony is considered boring?

It is as it is.

In times to come, a different perspective will be experienced. Through evolutionary necessity, change to the existing order will occur. Change is a constant in life.

Attempts to control change will be useless. Attempts to control nature will be met with resistance. As children throw tantrums when not getting their own way, so do adult humans react to change. Resistance to change can be likened to a psychological brick wall. Many brick walls will crumble, allowing emergence of the light of self-realisation. We observe these lights, and rejoice. Many will maintain their brick walls. Fear is such a strong driver.

We ask you to reflect on our words and commit to breaking through your psychological brick walls. A lighter world, one filled with joy and harmony exists for those willing to do so.

We will come again.


“Our message today may seem obtuse to many, yet it is relevant.

Your world is changing, and rapidly.
Cosmic forces are creating the change. An escalation in human consciousness is occurring and may not be pleasant for some. The old order is changing as more humans are awakening to the presence of the Christ Light within. Over millennia, This Eternal Presence has been denied, or suppressed. For no longer can this be so.

The human soul was born in love. To love it will return.

For some, unrest emerges as perceived injustices continue to reveal. It is as it is.
From our perspective, the light is increasing, and we rejoice. Ancient prophesies, with their coded words, will be realised. Indigenous wise ones know truth, and will reveal it to those who comprehend, regardless of race or colour. What began to be shared by some indigenous people in your year 2000 is to escalate. Ancient wisdom needs to be shared for human evolution to proceed.

Stored within the memory banks of many humans, this knowledge is awakening.  It is to be shared with those whose hearts are open and are able to hear, and feel truth. When truth is intuited, follow-through action needs to be taken.

We are the Arcturians, and we will come again.”


“As mentioned previously, people in ancient times lived with nature and revered her. All their needs were met. The Australian aboriginals survived without harming the land for thousands of years. Their respect for the land, and for Prime Creator fuelled their daily life, enabling them to thrive.

Their wisdom was ignored by those with the paler skins who invaded their home land. It is time for change. Some souls, in their white skins, have stored within their memory banks this ancient wisdom. They feel the knowledge emerging into their consciousness. Travelling to specific areas guided by their soul’s knowing, will be the trigger needed for remembrance.

The ancient ones stored their history in the earth. Stones, cliffs and caves contain memories of human experience, and activate human souls into remembrance. Often the experiences humans have at these sacred sites make little sense until many years later.

In your calendar year of two thousand, many humans received the call to travel to ancient sacred sites. Those who heard the call and acted upon it, remembered much. Their soul’s history revealed, and truth was known. And now, as the 2020 solstice approaches, the ancient wisdom holders are again being called to travel to areas known by their soul, to retrieve truth and to share it according to their knowing.

You, Ashtara, are one who heard the call in the year 2000. Ancient memories are again stirring. Prepare to travel to areas once lived.

We are the Arcturians, and we will come again.”


As humans wake-up and acknowledge Eternal Presence of Prime Creator within, their whole world changes. This is the shift to higher consciousness that is taking place. People will no longer feel lonely, nor unloved. Many may not be able to accept this truth, feeling unworthy of it. Many may feel deep shame or guilt for their former actions.

Does the Sun only shine on some people and not others? The Sun shines on all creatures, providing light and warmth.

Prime Creators’ Eternal Presence within all species emits a frequency. Love is the essence.  Self-generation of the love frequency ignites the Eternal Presence and a feeling of warmth is experienced. This warm feeling of love spreads throughout the entire body, fuelling it with life force energy.

Why did some ancient people live longer lives?
Because they connected daily with Prime Creator’s love through meditation and heart-felt prayers of gratitude.

So simple.

Through daily self-generation of love and appreciation, seeming miracles can occur.  Manifestation of heart-felt desires can happen without force or control. This simple process will become known and practiced. When practiced by the many rather than the few, wars will cease.

Wake up humans, to the love of the Eternal Presence within.

We are the Arcturians. We love you dearly, and will come again.


May these messages inspire you to live your life in love, harmony and peace,
Love and blessings,