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Mid Jun 2023 Astrology News

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The Cycle of Uranus

Uranus is the Illuminator, the energy of enlightenment, of awakening the knowledge contained within the subconscious through the higher conscious mind.

Uranus energy is electrical. It’s cycle/orbital period around the Sun takes approximately 84 years. Around this age every individual experiences the energetic influences of increased electrical energy infusing their brain and consciousness. This energy, used in its highest form, can bring about new inventions, the ability to experience life from a higher and broader perspective than ever before, and the opportunity to heal discordant patterns that separate us from experiencing divine love. It can also be an emotional time, when the individual realises one chapter of life is closing. For others with a broader spiritual understanding, they view it is a wonderful opportunity to create a more joyful, exciting and interesting life. The choice is always ours.

Age 42, when the energy of transiting Uranus connects to its placement in your chart through opposition, a mid-life crisis can occur. This is a time when a lot of people feel the need to separate from a way of life that has become rigid, boring and dull. They feel the need for change, and for the freedom to creatively express anew.

Key words associated with the themes and psychological issues of Uranus are:

Unpredictable, unusual, sudden, unexpected, chaos, crazy, eccentric, electric, revolutionary, reform, different, individuation, liberation, genius, detachment, abandonment, shock, nervous, brea-ups, break-downs, separation, humanitarian, rebel, light, unique, freedom, excitement, change, trauma.

Uranus, situated in our birth charts by sign, house and aspect, can indicate where we suffered, or maybe are still to experience, a sudden unexpected and shocking event resulting in energy fragmentation and a feeling of separation. This separation is often based on a separation from love –  from the love of and for our Divine Creative Source. Whatever was the cause of the unexpected shock, it would have adversely affected all four of our bodies, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

At that time you will have made the decision, albeit unconsciously, to block your heart and feelings of love in order to not ever again feel the same pain. To heal this trauma, a deep dive into your subconscious is needed so you can become aware of the incident, and the thought and emotion behind it, and heal it with love.  “For things to change, first I must change” is the needed realisation.Then arises the willingness to take appropriate action to bring about the much needed internal change.  It is through internal psychological change that external circumstances change for the better. Purification and reconnection to wholeness through love result.

Through unconscious misuse of the electrical energy, nervous disorders result leading to break-downs, bodily spasms, epilepsy, cramps, and other illnesses related to the nervous system. Uranus energy is highly charged  and when unconscious – in the dark about our subconscious motivations and thoughts -this highly charged energy can run amok in our bodies, creating short circuits. Sincere gratitude for the gifts and challenges of life, the willingness to strengthen your character and understanding because of them, and authentic heart-felt feelings of divine love are the remedy.

Currently transiting Uranus is situated at 20 degrees Taurus. It will continue its forward movement until the 22nd of August before turning retrograde at 22 degrees Taurus. Look to where you have Taurus situated in your birth charts to see the area (house) of life where this activating energy is creating change, and also look to the opposite house because between these two you will be able to make more sense of your reality.

In my astrology work books are appropriate stories to assist students to understand and integrate  the respective planetary energies. The Uranus story speaks of a famous global figure who was prominent at the time of writing. Notice the use of key words. This story follows.

Chaos reigned. The world was in shock. Tumultuous events occurred which touched the hearts and minds of people on Earth. A shocking, sudden act resulted in great change. A beautiful young princess died in a shocking car accident. Her love, compassion and beauty had captured all races and creeds. All were shocked by the news of her death. Hearts that had been closed began to open. People began to release grief that had been stored for aeons. Tears were shed by millions of people.

As the world enters the Age of Aquarius more and more shocking incidents are likely to occur in order for the mass consciousness to open their hearts and minds to embrace a new order. Changes on all levels of existence will happen. Evolution is occurring, at an unprecedented rate. Humans are evolving to a higher frequency, a higher wave band and, in order for this to happen much chaos will be experienced. This need not be the case but seems to be the human way. …..

In the aftermath of the princess’s death people began questioning their lives as to whether they were open, compassionate and loving, as was the princess. They questioned as to whether they willingly gave service to others or whether they were self-centred, intent on selfish pursuits. Many people questioned whether the old established order was of value and whether it was time for change established systems.

The princess’s light shone brightly for all to see. She was the most photographed public figure of the time and was the world’s Queen of Hearts. Her unconditional love and compassion touched the masses. She did not judge the poor, sick or homeless. She loved them all. She loved the soul light she saw shining from within. She did not catalogue the needy into colour, race or religious persuasion. All were treated equally. She demonstrated, as did Jesus in much earlier times, unconditional love.

At the beginning and towards the end of the Age of Pisces, a public figure showed the world how to live in loving service. Jesus and the princess have passed on a legacy. Will we share our love and light for the greater good of humanity? Will we become a collective “Queen of Hearts?”…Will we as a collective be brave and courageous enough to let go of our prejudices, our negative thoughts and become the beings of light we were created to be. Will we become a collective Queen of Hearts?

It seems to take a sudden, shocking, unpredictable event to bring about an awakening to higher consciousness. The princess was indeed instrumental in awaking the hearts and minds of people. Thank you princess for the part you played in our planetary awakening. Thank you for being a catalyst for change. Thank you for showing us the way.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,