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A Crack in the Cosmic WindowTransmissions

Mid Jun 2023 A Crack in the Cosmic Window

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Energy Currents

We are beings of light in a form that some people are able to see but most cannot. We are from a higher plane of existence. We are Beings who have evolved to a greater understanding of ourselves and an understanding of the energy systems of our Creator’s plan. We recognise the magnitude and simplicity of the order and system and work with it.

Most humans work against the system purely through lack of knowledge.

The knowledge of how this system works is gradually becoming known and understood by many people on Earth at this time. More and more people are becoming aware of the energy currents that move through them and are able to act appropriately with these currents.

Sometimes these currents can be quite overpowering and create disharmony with the individual. This is simply because the individual is unaware of his or her true essence and is blocking – albeit unconsciously- the positive energy flow.

Awareness and understanding of oneself and one’s own energy usage is the tool, or key, to alleviate the feelings of heaviness and darkness. When aware of one’s own nature and able to observe self from a higher ‘watcher’ perspective, then, and only then, can awareness of personal energy usage come into being. It requires a detachment of ego involvement to do this procedure. Many people are too involved with their egotistic pursuits to allow manifestation of this detachment.

New patterns of awareness need space in which to function in order to operate successfully, so first there needs to be acceptance by the individual that what they are doing in their lives from an egotistical perspective is not working, and that something new needs to be tried. The old ways only bring frustration and unhappiness.

An acceptance of this needs to take place before the move or shift into new energy or new awareness patterns of thought can take place. Each individual will learn this valuable lesson at some time during their evolutionary cycle.

Many are in the process of ‘waking up’ now and some are already awakened. It won’t be long before the critical mass, or the 100th monkey syndrome, occurs.

Our role as Light Beings is to assist in this awakening process. We help to provide individuals with circumstances that will allow them to come into some understanding of their defensive patterning. Some are more stubborn than others and do not want to look at themselves. These people will need greater shaking up if it is their Soul’s purpose this incarnation to have that awakening. These are the ones we assist as they each have a role to play in the New Age, the new millennium. They are needed, just like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle are needed, to have their awakening in order for the Higher Plan to be fulfilled.

As you can see, our task is a quite a large one. However, there are great numbers of us willing to serve humankind in this way and it is through our love for the Creator that we willingly and lovingly carry out this task. Those awakened souls make our service, our work, much easier simply by being who they are.

Energy works on a different level to human form. Human form is third dimensional. The energy we refer to comes from higher dimensions. Multitudinous  amounts of energy can co-exist in the same space.

If you can conceive the idea that you as a human contain energy and we as Beings of Light contain energy, and that all our energy comes from the one source – our Prime Creator -then you can begin to understand how the system works. If you can understand that humans are energy with form, and we are simply energy without form, then the concept becomes clearer.

We leave you now. Trust and believe totally in the information contained within. It is truth.

Blessings be, Adonai

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,