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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid Jun 2023 2 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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We are the Record Keepers with a message for your readers. We are introducing yet another topic, one of vital importance to your evolution into higher frequencies of light, and also that of your planet.

It is slowly being realised by many of your species including our scribe, that you, as a collective consciousness, are creating the reality you live in. You are the creators of all you see. Breathe this in.

You created all your management systems; you created the media and you are now creating corrective systems. We, and others of like mind, are assisting the correction and ascension process. Others, with agendas to get for personal gain, are also working with individuals, those who control the systems.

You live in a world of duality where polarisation exists. Where there is light there is dark. Where there is up there is down. In our existence we do not have these extremes. We live in harmony and equilibrium having moved beyond duality.

Your Earth is now moving through a different area of space where greater light exists. This light is influencing all living creatures on Earth providing an opportunity for humans to evolve into greater self-awareness and divine love. Many are responding while others prefer to sleep on. It is the nature of your existence.  Accept what is, and with appreciation work accordingly towards your goal. Allow others to do the same.
It is your love and your light that is assisting not only your ascension but also that of Mother Earth. Your thoughts and actions matter. You are the creators of your reality. We ask you to create with love in your hearts.

We will come again.


A great leap forward in human consciousness evolution is taking place, unprecedented in your history. There are no guidelines for this process. You, as a collective human consciousness, are creating this shift. We, and others of like mind, are guiding. We cannot predict the result.

We observe and keep the records. What we observe is concerning. We will provide an analogy. Reflect on the improvements to computers over the past two decades of this century. Remember how many of you thought that technology would crash in the year two thousand? It did not. Now, in the third decade of this century, computer technology is being upgraded almost weekly.

Liken your mind to a computer. New information is being downloaded into your minds daily.  You may choose to embrace this information or not. The upgrades will continue. What software you choose to upgrade into your mind  is up to you.  This new technology is a product of human minds. Thought created it.

Thought created the demise of Atlantis, a far more technological advanced civilisation than that of your current race. Many souls from that civilisation are currently incarnate. They have memories of that demise. Our scribe is one. She observed the collapse and has been writing of it since 1998. She does what she can to warn people of the misuse of technology, and the value of thought management.

Creation began as a thought. Creation continues as a result of thought. Repetitive thoughts and feelings of love, gratitude and goodwill result in a  wondrous future.

We will come again.



No longer are many humans willing to be duped by the controlling powers. They have formed their own opinions and are also forming a new way of life, more conducive to life enhancement. Waking up to the control measures, they seek alternate ways to live life. Their numbers are increasing daily. When enough individuals see more clearly the 100th monkey principle will apply. Our scribe may elaborate.

When this occurs enormous change will occur. Like a wave gathering force in the ocean, it will wash over all humanity. This consciousness wave cannot be stopped. Your lives will change. Into what is up to you.
Prepare well for this wave. Learn to surf it with faith and trust in the one guiding it. You create the wave. You will learn to adapt to the new way of living.

We observe and record.  We will come again.


Ashtara’s Commentary:

Best I elaborate – as I understand the 100th monkey principle.
Years ago, scientists were doing an experiment on the monkeys inhabiting some small islands off the coast of Japan. They were feeding the monkeys sweet potatoes. One monkey on one island decided to didn’t like eating its food covered with sand, so washed it in the ocean. Other monkeys on the same island copied that one monkey. But then, seeming magic happened. Monkeys on a nearby island also began washing their food in the ocean prior to eating. This demonstrated to the scientists that thought travels – a unique concept at the time.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,