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Mid Jun 2023 2 Astrology News

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The Cycle of Neptune, Lord of the Sea and Master of Illusion

Let us begin with a quote from the best book on Neptune I have ever read. The Book of Neptune by Steven Forrest. He asks: What is astrology? It is basically the notion that the structure of human consciousness and the structure of the heavens mirror each other – that they are built around the same laws, organised around the same principles, and that we can understand the logic of the mind by observing the form of the solar system:  i.e. in simple words: the familiar Hermetic formula “As above, so below”.

His research also shows that, in 47 AD Neptune entered Pisces and Paul, an apostle of Jesus, witnessed his interpretation of Jesus’ messages explode throughout the Roman Empire. Christianity was the result. A world religion emerged. What we are seeing now is that some of Paul’s ideas and concepts were false.  Forrest says that: Christianity essentially owes its early roots to Neptune’s passage through Pisces. 

I’m sure you have seen a picture of an old man with a white beard standing beside the sea holding a trident. This is symbolic of Neptune, the Roman name given to the Greek god, Poseidon. Neptune was discovered in 1846, a time when spirituality and psychic abilities were being explored. It was also the time when anaesthetics were discovered. Hence the themes and issues in our lives related to Neptune.

Neptune naturally rules the sign of Pisces and also the themes and issues associated with the 12th house. Neptune’s influence can bring a yearning and the need to merge with something, or someone. It is the soul’s urge to merge into divine union; however the personality will demonstrate this urge in many ways. Many people seek to merge with a partner thereby seeking love external to themselves. We can fall in love with another and a magical romantic veil descends over our minds, our consciousness. Many give themselves, their unique energy, away to another, unconsciously hoping the other will rescue and save them from their incomplete self. It can take years to become aware of this failed rescue attempt. Disappointment follows. Then comes the ‘stock-taking’ – the Saturn reality. The area of confusion, illusion and eventually disenchantment is Neptune’s realm.

Currently, according to our western astrological model, transiting Neptune is moving through the sign of Pisces. Many of the key words for the themes and issues of Pisces apply to Neptune as: Dysfunctional:-co-dependent, alcoholic, addictive, escapist, victim, despair, self-sabotage, self-punishing, illusion, lost, martyr, paranoid, vague, confused, unable to set boundaries, psychic sponge, mental health issues,

Functional: Receptive, spiritual, sensitive, psychic, compassion, empathy, serene, faith, mystical, imaginative, inspirational, movies, union, bliss, sacred dance, poetry, beautiful music, photography and artistry.

Neptune is often referred to as a higher octave of Venus and also rules the feelings of love. However, Neptune seeks the higher octave love vibration. This is the love for and of our divinity -the spark/light of God that is within each and every sentient being. I observe a huge global movement towards spirituality taking place, especially while Saturn is also transiting through Pisces.

Approximately one hundred and sixty four years it takes for transiting Neptune to cycle around the Sun – and symbolically, our birth charts. Obviously, transiting Neptune will not conjunct  every placement in your birth chart in one life time. Therefore, whenever transiting Neptune does activate/energise one of the placements it is wise indeed to take notice. Sensitive individuals will feel this connection and wonder why their mind often seem to fog over. Clarity returns when the specific repressed psychological issue is realised and cleared. Hence the need to pay more attention to our thoughts, the bodily sensations that arise from them as well the emotions we feel. This process aids our development of self-awareness and self-realisation. Throughout a Neptune transit to a placement in our birth chart we can feel as if we are under a spell, or drugged, until clarity dawns.

Drug abuse and suicide come under Neptune’s realm – created by the need to escape from the life created, and/or the unmet need to merge with another. These needs are likely to be unconsciousness. Notice how, since Neptune entered Pisces in February 2012, there has been an increase in channeling, spirituality and the development of our sixth sense – (our natural psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairvoyance, remote viewing, etc.).

Part of the work of the soul is the commitment to do personal inner work on our psychological wounds. As we do so, we clear the way for an authentic reconnection with our personal divinity.  We know when this occurs because we feel at one with all that is,  as if we have “come home” to our true selves. Transiting Neptune, as it makes connections to our birth chart placements opens up our internal channels, enabling us to contact our Higher Selves, our God Selves.

In my book Your Recipe for Empowerment, Volume Two, I write: “Each one of us can embrace Neptune in our charts as an aspect of ourselves and choose to unveil all that is submerged. The soul yearning to feel whole and complete is within us all.  When we do not have a balanced spiritual and material life, and when we are ignorant of our self-defeating psychological games, an etheric ‘hole’ is created in our auric/energy field. This can be seen by those with eyes to see. How do we heal this hole?” …

“Depression can creep in and we grieve for days, weeks, months, years. Our hospitals and institutions are full of people who suffer mental illness and depression. My heart goes out to them. Many people develop dementia- a cloudiness over the brain. Many others develop undiagnosable medical problems. Many younger people become addicted to virtual reality. What else have we become addicted to? Social media? Alcohol consumption? Coffee? Drugs? Drama? The media?

Lets’ briefly look at Neptune’s transit through Pisces from a global perspective.

What is it that we see in our daily lives that is now being unveiled? Do we see the control patterns of the old world order slowly emerging from the mists of the past? Including those of long-established religious orders?  Are we, as a collective, seeing ourselves more clearly? Are we experiencing a spiritual re-awakening? Through music, art and movies new ways of experiencing mysticism and spirituality are developing. I am also aware of how quantum physics and spirituality are converging. I see this as a pivotal step towards global spiritual awareness – a global unified spirituality. The light prevails.

This current Neptune transit through Pisces doesn’t end until February 2026. Currently Neptune is moving forward at 27 degrees Pisces.  On the 30th June it will turn retrograde.

I cannot recommend more strongly that you develop a personal connection to the God force within you. You cannot be disconnected from this supremely loving creative energy. We are all capable of creating a quiet and calm space within our minds, through meditation or reflection in nature. We can all feel the presence of the mystical, of Source, of Divine love as an aspect of ourselves.  We are all loved unconditionally.  Developing a conscious connection to the Source/God will enhance your lives and provide solace for your hungry soul.

Ashtara  June 2023.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,