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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid July 2023 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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Repeat Record Keeper Transmissions

“We, in the higher realms do what we can to aid humans to take responsibility for their life creations. Your creations do not happen by chance. You have incarnated for a purpose, to learn and to evolve into higher, or Christ, consciousness. Some refer to this state of being as God consciousness.

The great Spiritual Master who incarnated from Sirius into your earth plane just over two thousand years ago, anchored his soul’s energy into earth’s ley lines. He did his best to teach and share his wisdom to people far less conscious than is the population of your planet today. He taught through parables. Through demonstration, he showed the way to overcome internal darkness. He ascended into his light body having attained Christ consciousness.
He taught those around him to do the same. His consciousness is awakening within the souls of humans today”.




“In times past, and in times to come, people on earth will be challenged to change their beliefs and perspectives on life. Life on earth is a training ground, a realm of accelerated learning. “What am I learning?” you may well ask.
You are learning to become a human being, filled with God consciousness. Over aeons of time you chose to fill your consciousness with shadows and darkness. You lost God consciousness by choosing to immerse yourself into the material world of dense matter.

A return to the Light is imminent. A spiritual way of life now beckons. Your planet cannot sustain the pressure being placed upon it, and will shake it off.

What do we mean by a spiritual way of life?  It is not blind devotion to a self-proclaimed guru, or a fearful god you are taught to obey. God, or Christ consciousness is a state of being, developed over lifetimes through the realisation that you, your soul, carries this Light within. It can be accessed through right use of will. You can fill the deep inner longing with the now awakening Light of Christ. The Age of Aquarius is the prophesised Age of Light.
The Light of Christ or God consciousness is the ability to know yourself as the creator of your own reality.
Can we explain it more simply?  We think not.

Every minute of every day you can choose to think thoughts of light, or thoughts of dark.
What an amazing gift is the gift of mind.

We leave you to ponde

Transmission from The Record Keepers


06/07/23:  Our theme this week is different to that of last week.

We observe how the human race appears to depend upon creating drama, and wonder why.
It seems to be a drug that has become addictive. Is there a distaste for peace?

Whether the drama arises through over-commitments or self-sabotage is the question.
Drama involves tension. The mind and body are on full alert. Stress arises. Illness and disease arise from stressful thoughts.

A change of mind is the remedy that may involve a change of life style. It is not as easy to create dramas in a natural environment.

Last week we spoke of your relationship to money – and how it creates dramas.
There are other causes. When unaware of subconscious motivations, reactive behaviour occurs and drama unfolds. It need not be so.

We keep the records of human development and have done so since the beginning of human life on Earth. These records are stored in the akasha, a place in the human collective mind that can be accessed by those who have developed higher consciousness.
This process requires self-awareness.

We will come again.





The time is soon approaching where chaos may reign for those people who choose to create a life of drama. Technology is leaping ahead and is soon to take over your everyday life.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the cause. For years our scribe and the  Pleiadians have been urging you to develop sensitivity to your heart felt feelings in order to discern truth from falsity.
This developmental process will become necessary. The heart feels truth. Intuition and natural instincts come through feelings.

Artificial intelligence cannot feel. It computes so called ‘facts’- a conglomeration of words derived from opinions.

Would you prefer to pay attention to a computer’s words rather than to your own intrinsic feelings?

We have kept the records of other civilisations that have destroyed themselves through advanced technology. Chaos reigned. The land suffered. Through necessity survivors returned to a natural way of life. Your indigenous people have memories of these man-made dramas. They still tell the stories.

The advance of technology cannot be stopped. In aware humans it is a valuable tool. For those without self-awareness, it can destroy.

What records are we to keep? Through ignorance will you continue creating dramas?



Ashtara’s Commentary:

  1. a) As the Record Keepers say, I have taught, through astrology, the drama theme mentioned above, specifically through the zodiacal signs of Leo (drama) and chaos (Aquarius).
    From my perspective, the cause is separation from love, the self-love that includes love of the internal Creative/Divine Force.
    When unconscious, Leo energy can feel unloved so creates dramas and chaos in order to get attention and hopefully, love. It never works. What does work is a commitment to, and the daily practice of developing self-love by working through dense psychology enabling self-awareness of thoughts and feelings.

Every human being’s psychology contains the characteristics of each sign of the zodiac.

Self-awareness arises from the daily study and application of these characterises to one’s self and life. By developing self-awareness dramas and chaos cease. My three astrology work books provide exercises and stories to assist this conscious developmental process.

  1. b) In our distant past, around twelve and a half thousand years ago, Atlantis was one such continent that destroyed itself through the use and abuse of technology The great floodI have clear memories of this civilisation’s destruction, along with the destruction of the land, caused by human misuse of technology for power and control purposes. I was an intuitive teenage boy who warned who I could – but was not heard. From my high viewing point the sight of that destruction was too much for my soul to bear.  I vowed to return again to share what I had seen and know to be true in order to prevent another similar calamity.
    Through teaching and writing I am doing so and will continue. This time around I have many Light Beings assisting. Gratitude and love fills my heart as I now realise the purpose of their presence in my life.


The Record Keepers continue their narrative:


For aeons we have been keeping the records of human existence on planet Earth.
We will continue. It is our work and service. As previously mentioned, we are concerned.
There is such a similarity to the collapse of Atlantis and to what is occurring now it is as if
Atlantis is rising once again.

Has humanity learned the lessons from that earlier collapse? Only time will tell.
Many souls from that great calamity are currently incarnate. Ashtara is one.
The memories of what she witnessed are very close to the surface of her consciousness.
For most people these memories are stored deep within their subconscious minds.
Unconscious motivations arises from them. It is recommended that humans access their akashic
records to ascertain truth. By so doing another great calamity can be avoided.

Releasing attachments to any specific outcome is part of the process.

We will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,