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Mid July 2023 2 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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Good morning Ashtara. We are the Record Keepers with a message for your readers.

As we approach a time of unrest where many will experience drama and trauma, we ask that you do your best to stay calm and centred in the Light. Very rarely do we offer suggestions. It is not our work, however we chose to do so today. A transition time is taking place for all humanity. Those focused on the Light will ride the approaching waves of change well. Others focused on material pursuits will be challenged.

We, who have kept the records of human life on Earth since the beginning, are aware of the approaching waves. For unaware and unconscious humans these waves will create life problems. What would it feel like to be dumped by an ocean wave?

From the beginning of human life on Earth there has been conflict between the dark and the light – between goodness and evil. Between the desire to give or the desire to get.

Those in power seek to get more power, money and control to feed their addictions.

Those humans seeking to give love, goodwill and the light of their wisdom are often laughed at or ignored. They live their lives simply, attuned to the higher world where the Light of higher consciousness shines brightly through their eyes. Their faith and trust in a Higher Power of infinite love and light provides them with a foundation of stability. Attuned to their inner guidance, they will ride the waves of change with peace and equilibrium.

We keep the records of the collective consciousness.

The great Light waves are unstoppable. They are a cosmic frequency soon to over-light your planet. This frequency has been gathering force over a long period. We made mention of it in some of the ancient texts. Our scribe may choose to elaborate. *

Your planet is prepared. As a living evolving being, her spirit body is attuned to the cosmic forces and will ride the advancing waves of change. There are thousands of human light workers  assisting her journey and their numbers are growing.

We will come again.


Ashtara’s Commentary:

*          The following are some ancient texts that immediately come to mind. There are many others. The Old Testament, Hebrew Torah, Sanskrit verses such as the Bhagavad Gita, The Chinese Tao and Confucian teaching; the New Testament – the Christian perspective of Jesus’ teaching; Buddha’s teaching and the Druid teaching. In more modern times:  Madame Helena Blavatsky’s words of ageless wisdom from 19th Century. Alice A. Bailey’s esoteric books of wisdom transmitted by Djwhal Khul (Ascended Tibetan Master) from the early 20th Century, The Keys of Enoch, experienced by physicist J.J. Hurtak in 1973,  to name a few.

Before writing became known, the ancient oral wisdom handed down by most indigenous races through story telling and dance contains their cultural perspective of the same wisdom. Cave drawings and paintings also contain the ancient stories of creation and prophecy.  The incoming Light has been prophesied.  We, as souls, chose to incarnate at this time to experience it.

I was trained to experience three sources of this incoming high frequency light. The first source, written about in my Magdalen Codes book  was of being clearly shown on many occasions three Suns in alignment as: The Sun of the Sirius star system, the Sun of the Pleiades star system and that of our solar system Sun. This alignment took place over a period of approximately six years.  The second great light I was trained to observe and record was that from the Arcturus Programming Centre of Light within our galaxy. My experiences of this training were written about in each of my three books under the name of Arcturus Astrology. The three books are: I Am An Experiment, The Magdalen Codes and Arcturus Astrology. ‘click here to find out more’

The Arcturus Light from this galactic system has been activated and the associated higher and finer light and sound frequencies are now travelling to our Solar System, soon to over-light our precious planet Earth. I visualise this over-lighting process as two spheres. The lower sphere symbolises planet Earth. Above it is another sphere of extremely bright light. The energy from this bright sphere has begun to download its higher frequency, over-lapping the lower sphere.I refer to this zone of overlap as a vesica pisces (symbolising the womb of creation). A new world, a new Earth is forming.

Currently, we are experiencing a transition time. A time to BE light and BE the most loving individual we can be. This requires the raising of our psychological vibration. This is the work of the soul. This soul work can only emerge through self-realisations of the ego games unconsciously demonstrated in our daily lives. When an ‘aha’ moment is realised then comes a choice, to continue playing the same psychological game and get the same result for the rest of the life, or commit to completely transforming the dark psychological patterning as it’s seen. Self-realised enlightened humans choose to take the higher path of internal psychological transformation because it opens up the heart to greater self-love and experiences of Divine Love. Our bodies and minds strengthen and lighten up accordingly. Whenever a shadow thought of self-doubt, jealousy, revenge, judgement, or anything that is not based on love, acknowledge it and command it to never ever return. The following is a true statement I often use as a mantra before  going to sleep at night. “I AM one with the Infinite One, forever and ever and ever”. Though repetition, you will also realise it is true because you will feel it in your heart and soul.

The third bright Light comes from Sedna – the cosmic body discovered by astronomers in November 2003. Sedna trained me to experience her energy and told me her purpose for re-entering our Solar System at this time. Her light has been seen. As she moves closer, more people will see her in the night sky. Her frequency is much higher than that of 3D. Part of her role, her energy, is to assist us to ascend into multi-dimensional realms of Light  so we can consciously reunite with our galactic soul families while still incarnate upon planet Earth.



As many more people begin the self-realisation process the released energy awakens others sharing the same environment. Once the first self-realisation occurs, others follow and continue to do so. This is the inner journey to wholeness, to Oneness with the Divine seed of consciousness within every human being. Those still sleeping comprehend it not.

Certain words, spoken by an enlightened one, can act as triggers to awaken others. It is the way light energy works. Our scribe rejoices when she sees more lights of self-awareness register in the minds of those previously asleep. The invisible ones in the higher realms of light also rejoice.

We keep the records and can now add more awakening lights.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,