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Mid July 2022 2 Astrology News

By July 17, 2022No Comments

As mentioned many times, key words are essential to the understanding and practice of a heart-based spiritual approach to astrology. Each letter carries a vibration. Each word carries a vibration. Each sentence carries the vibration of the personal energy of the speaker/writer.

Think of an angry person. What kind of vibration are they exuding and  sharing? Think of a manipulator or controller. What kind of energy are they emanating and sharing? Think of a sad person; a  joyous person etc. What kind of energy do you prefer to be around? What choices are you making?

Self-question: “What kind of energy do I share with others by the words I speak?” And, “Am I willing to take personal responsibility for the words I speak?” “Do my words harm or uplift others?”

The observer perspective mentioned by the Record Keepers is an attribute of the Aquarius energy. Aquarius is an air sign, as is Gemini and Libra. Gemini likes to talk, write and move energy through the body. Libra likes to harmonise, and often speaks words to please others, unaware their words could be eventually realised as lies. Three different air signs and astrological styles of communicating words.

When interacting with another is may be relevant to ask yourself: “What is the energy behind the words I’m hearing or speaking?”

Communication is the foundational base of all relationships. Reflect on the truism: “True Communication is the Response I get.” The word “response” is based on the word “responsibility.” How willing are you to take responsibility for the responses you get from your communication?

That’s enough on words now!  Let’s look at a few of today’s planetary transits.

Retrograde North Node in Taurus: 20 degrees13 mins.

Mercury in Cancer:  24 degrees 38 mins.

Venus in Gemini: 28 degrees 43 mins

Mars in Taurus: 8 degrees 06mins.

Jupiter in Aries – 8 degrees 29 mins.

Let’s look more closely at Jupiter in Aries. Aries is a fire sign, requiring assertive, dynamic action. Jupiter’s agenda is spiritual growth. Imagine Jupiter saying:  “I encourage you to take new forward action steps based on higher spiritual learning and growth”.

On 12 May 2022 Jupiter moved into Aries. Reflect on the new beginnings you have had since then – and any new action taken to improve/expand your life.

If you haven’t begun awakening to the higher purpose of your incarnation then maybe it’s time to do so now. Reflection will be needed. On 28 July, transiting Jupiter will turn retrograde, hovering over the 8 degree Aries mark until near the end of August.  Slowly, Jupiter continues its retrograde movement into the early degrees of Aries, and then returns to Pisces for a short time from 29 October until 21 December.  It then returns to Aries for some months. For astrology students you might like to write these dates, and their relevance, in your diary so you can reflect upon the meaning and purpose of Jupiter’s transit in your life.

I love Jupiter. It is the ruling planet of my chart. With a Sagittarius ascendant (the sign governed by Jupiter) I have said “Yes” to life, and to mostly all the opportunities provided. I have travelled the world, learned and experienced many different cultures and have shared my experiences with those who want to learn from me, and who want to grow spiritually through my teaching and writing. One thing I’ve learned is that all the indigenous cultures I‘ve experienced have the same basic spirituality, their knowledge foundation. And, they also have their own form of astrology. They’ve studied and learned from the stars, Solar System and our precious planet Earth. To them, the Earth is a living, evolving entity. She, as with all living species, has an energy field. She is in the process of transitioning into a higher vibrational area of space. We humans are invited to travel with her into this higher frequency of cosmic Light. What is required to do so is to change our conditioned societal thought patterns, quit harming our precious planet, Gaia, and instead give her our sincere appreciation and gratitude for all she provides to sustain all life.

Each of you will be offered opportunities, often disguised as loss, to grow into more of your independent greatness as Jupiter moves through fiery Aries. You have the choice to take the opportunities that come your way, or not. This is where free will choice comes into all of life’s decisions. Your soul will be seeking spiritual growth, it’s purpose for incarnating upon the 3D Earth plane. You, as a personality with free will, can ignore the growth call or act positively upon it. To act upon it will be a stretch!  For those who choose to ignore the inner call, there’s always another life-time. The life and purpose of the soul continues. It knows the Infinite Intelligent Field of Source Light and Divine Love  and knows the steps needed to unify with Divinity.  It shares wisdom via the human heart through the fire of Spirit.  And, when Spirit speaks, you know. In that knowing healing and transformation occur.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,