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Mid July 2021 The Pleiadian Transmissions

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“In the early hours of the morning we will attempt to contact you. As you heard with your inner ears, our call will be a ringing of your phone. We are the Pleiadians and we ask you to be our scribe. Many years ago, we came to you and then you visited us. And now we come together again. The Record Keepers were with you until you completed your book, Arcturus Astrology.

We too have love in our hearts and a desire to serve humanity and planet Earth.
When you visited our Sun, Alcyone, we showed you how we do so. You may like to refresh your mind to share the process with your readers.

Our perspective is different to that of the Arcturians and Record Keepers. We are in your blood because we interfered with your evolutionary process way back in the annals of time. We too have interference karma to rectify. We do this through channels such as yourself. We exist in a different dimension to you on planet Earth, and we are your future.
You, as a collective, are raising your consciousness levels to our finer frequencies and we can only reach those who have done so.

We offer this preliminary account of our connection with your human race so you can understand. We will share more when we next connect. Thank you for answering our call.”

Ashtara’s Commentary:

I wrote about my experiences with the Pleiadians in my book I Am an Experiment, An Extraordinary Spiritual Adventure, but will briefly share a portion. When they made themselves known to me, the Pleiadians asked if I would allow them to do an experiment on my brain. I did my usual testing process to ascertain they were from the light. (I will not allow any lower vibrational beings to work with me. There are far too many mischievous entities ‘out there’). After they passed my tests, they placed a metal-like helmet over my head to monitor my consciousness levels through my DNA.

The Pleaidians were gentle, loving, respectful and totally focused on task. I immediately fell in love with them. I perceived them to be tiny, light filled and faintly green, humpty- dumpty characters. They were exceedingly grateful I allowed them to monitor my brain waves. It is my understanding they exist in the fifth dimension.

At a later time, Archangels Uriel and Gabriel took me to Alcyone, the Sun of the Pleiadian system. The Pleiadians greeted us and took us to an elegant and round marble – like temple high on a hill. Within the centre of this temple, on the top of a beautiful white marble pedestal, was a model of planet Earth. It had incredible light beaming all over and around it. Light beings sat on marble benches placed around the Earth model beaming their love and light to our planet. They were relaxed, deep in meditation and totally immersed in their work. We were asked to do the same because it was much needed. We too, with love in our hearts, went deep into meditation and did as requested.

More details are written in my book but that’s a brief outline. You can be assured we have a great deal of help from our highly evolved star brothers and sisters. They really do love and care for us. Their second message follows:

“We are the Pleiadians and have come to you with a message to share. We are not human-like in our form because we have evolved differently. We do have love in our hearts for all humans. Our respect for you, Ashtara, knows no bounds. We thank you for being willing to hear and to share our messages.

We come from your future to share with you our perspective. You are a close neighbour. We have been in your consciousness for a very long time. The indigenous people of South America and the aborigine of Australia have tracked our position in the night sky for many a long year.

Many of you have worked with us before, and many will do so again.

The perspective we offer is different to that of the Record Keepers and the Arcturians. We share ours so you can consider and adopt it, or not.

We see humanity heading for a disaster unless willing to change course. What will it take for you to do so? Committed action by individuals is required. Instead of floating aimlessly with others in a thick pea soup of your making, we suggest you make the effort to individualise by climbing out of the collective mentality. Risk rejection, risk becoming open and vulnerable, risk being laughed at. Follow the call of your soul rather than that of the whims and fancies of those in power. Through apathy and ignorance, you placed them in their power positions.

Each and every one of you has a unique talent that can be used to break outmoded patterns of behaviour and thought.

You are a creative and innovative race. Find your own creative talent and use it for the greater good. It will be something very dear to your heart and maybe something you have suppressed or kept hidden. Ask your Higher Self, and it will reveal. When it does, give yourself permission to use it. Bring it into manifestation through love. What good is it doing suppressed?

Your unique creative expression may be the gel that harmonises your race. It will certainly bring harmony to you. We will come again”.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,