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Mid July 2021 Arcturus Transmission

By July 19, 2021No Comments

“We have come from afar to share our perspective relative to humanity on planet Earth. For millions of years Earth traversed a particular area of space. Recently Earth entered a different area of space where finer vibrations exist. This new area, quite different to the former one, is filled with different radiations, creating instability. Your scientists are monitoring this instability.

Human thought creates vibrations. The collective human mind creates a strong vibration. When this vibration is low and dense, instability occurs. Higher vibrations based on joy, appreciation of natural beauty, love and gratitude create a stabilising vibration. Hence our request of you to focus your mind on all that is good, holy and loving. We hope we have made ourselves clear”.

“We come today with an important message. For far too long people on Earth have been trapped in a net of their own making. It takes intention and effort to remove this net. It can be climbed under or thrown off. The net surrounds all who choose not to live in the Light of self-awareness. What this means is that if you continue to think negative thoughts, confusion and lack of clarity will cover your minds.

Only you can take the net of negativity away. No one else can do it for you. Right use of your spiritual will be needed to do so. With serious intent you can imagine using an instrument to climb out from under the net, or an instrument to take it away completely. Both will work as long as you have the determination and the desire to dislodge the net. And then, you need to maintain positive thoughts and actions.

Your life creations are up to you.

Effort, intent and spiritual will are required to create and maintain a joyful life. Self-awareness is paramount. How can you become self-aware? Again, it can be the same process. Intent, effort and spiritual will are required. Practice being a watcher of yourself sitting in a tower. Observe your thoughts from this location.

Our channel used astrology to develop her self-awareness and teaches others to do the same. Self-discipline and commitment to spiritual growth is needed.

You can of course stay caught in the net of confusion and helplessness. For your sake, and for that of your planet, we ask you to choose the light of self-awareness. We are the Arcturians. We love you dearly and will come again”.

In light of this Arcturian message, and because my new book is nearly ready to go to the printers, my guides asked me to start teaching beginners Psychological Astrology course again. I do hope some of you will feel the call to join me: I will do my best to guide and support you. Click here to find out more.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,