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Mid July 2021 2 The Pleiadian Transmissions

By July 26, 2021No Comments

We are the Pleiadians. We come to you to not only awaken, but also to encourage you to find and develop the creative spark, possibly still lying dormant within. You incarnated to access and share your own unique creative expression because it will bring joy, fulfillment and good health. Truly worthwhile.

Last week we asked you to do the same, and we will continue with our request. It can be your life-saver.

When realising, and following your personal individuality, you become immersed in it and joy fills your hearts. This joy has the power to attract abundance on all levels.

You will need to allocate time to relax your mind. A busy, controlling or over- excitable mind blocks unique creative expression.

You each have a special talent well learned in other incarnations. You will feel the urge to follow it. It will make your heart warm as you feel into it. This is your pathway forward. Not only will you benefit but also those in your circle.



Today, we have a different message.

Through our technology, we observe from afar how humans live without concern or interest in your planet.

We find it strange.
We have concern for your planet as much as we do for our children. Both are living evolving entities.
Your planet, unlike our children, is heading in an unhealthy direction.

We do what we can. You resident upon her can do more.

From our perspective, we see you are destroying your planet. Why? For what purpose?



We come today with a message of love. For far too long we have left you on your own to make your own way in life. Yes, we have watched you from afar. As our scribe has seen, we constantly beam our light and love to you. We’ve decided to do more.

We are currently contacting other scribes such as Ashtara so we can be of greater service. We have karma to repay. We interfered with your human development long ago and can’t move on until the scales are balanced.

We come from your future to share our perspective. You can think of us as your brothers and sisters.

You can create a joyful future for yourselves and your planet. We will do our best to show you how.

The key words are: Conscious Creation.

Reflect on them. And then ask yourselves “How can I consciously create a wonderful future?” Make notes of whatever comes immediately into your mind but don’t review your notes for a week. Instead, add to them on a different day, with the same question in mind.
Make it a game.

Next week we will share the next step.




May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,