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Arcturus TransmissionsTransmissions

Mid July 2 2020

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Arcturus Transmissions

“To live in the newly forming world requires awareness. Self-awareness. Awareness of energy variances within and without the body. Observe carefully the behaviour of animals and birds. Their sensitivity to influences is greater than that of humans. The evolutionary acceleration taking place is for all species, and requires sensitivity to the energy currents within and without. Sensitives will feel the earth shake because of her vibrational shift.  Animals will feel it and maybe disturbed.

Earth changes are imminent, and we ask you to become aware of the associated subtle currents. New wave frequencies are forming. Negotiating these waves requires attunement to them, much like surfing the ocean waves. A surfer is trained to ride specific waves to enable the best experience. To ride frequency waves requires training. Awareness of them is the first step. This process requires feeling. Unlike the ocean waves, frequency waves cannot be seen, only felt.

We are the Arcturians, and we will come again”.


“We realise our words are heard and acted upon by only a few. It is as it is. The world you have experienced has ended. A transition phase is taking place. Transitional phases require adjustments to daily life.

Frequency waves are created according to the prevailing thoughtforms of the collective. This is why we ask you to become aware of your dark thoughts and change them into light ones. Light frequency waves are easier to manage. Let’s return to the surfer.  Should a problematic wave be chosen, dumping is assured, and probably a tumble or even an injury.

It is the same with frequency waves.

For many decades, spiritual teachers both incarnate and discarnate, have been encouraging their students to change their minds to embrace a higher perspective, and to learn to know themselves intimately.  Many students listened and are so grateful for their life lessons learned. Others focused on the mundane.

A change of mind is needed now, more so than ever before. New frequency waves are forming that will affect earth and all upon her. We ask you to consider our words, and to take positive steps forward to make the necessary inner changes”.


“We come to you with love in our hearts and a desire to serve. Your planet is changing its vibration to that of a higher one, providing the opportunity for humans to do the same. The Light bombarding the Aquarian Age is the agent for this change. Light is consciousness. Consciousness is the energy that permeates all of Creation. It is the consciousness of Source. You refer to Source by many names such as God, Goddess, Prime Creator and Great Spirit, to name a few.

The Light of higher consciousness is now permeating earth as it travels through a different area of space. All species are evolving, and this evolutionary process is being accelerated. A “wake-up” call is resounding, creating different frequency waves.

Wake up humans, to your unconscious motivations; the influences that motivate your behaviour. Examine them carefully, and release those that no longer serve your growth. Like the waves of the ocean the frequency waves will continue.  Unlike the ocean waves, the consciousness frequencies will increase. Human amnesia is ending.

To become conscious of your unconscious is a personal journey. You create the method by your thoughts and beliefs. When your core beliefs need to change to be in alignment with your soul’s evolutionary intent for this life, challenging situations and events occur to help you see truth.

The soul is the driver of evolutionary development into greater Light. Many are being called to serve their fellow humans.  Some choose to hear the call, others refuse to listen. It is as it is.

We are the Arcturians, and we will come again”

Ashtara’s Commentary

I haven’t written about Neptune’s transit through its home sign of Pisces for some time. Neptune governs our soul’s yearning to reconnect to divinity, to Source. We often wait until we are in dire circumstances before we pray to God for salvation. The accelerated evolutionary process currently taking place is to assist us to reconnect with God/Goddess, the higher power that can only be found within. Your soul yearns for this reconnection. This spiritual yearning is now being felt by people from all walks of life. Surrendering your lower ego self to your higher self, your Christ Light within, is needed. We do not have to die to experience this ecstatic reconnection. Part of the surrendering process involves genuine and sincere forgiveness – ultimately of ourselves for creating debilitating life situations. I share with my students and clients a mantra: “I did the best I could with what I knew at the time, and I forgive myself for my lack of rightful understanding”. When the words of this forgiveness process are spoken with sincerity, and deeply felt as truth, healing occurs.

Uranus is the bringer of Light- of illumination – of higher consciousness – of those awakening moments when we realise the self-sabotaging life games we have played, accept them and take responsibility for them. Following the self-realisation, it is necessary to change the old patterning. This takes serious intent, right use of spiritual will, and constant practice. The pattern took many years to develop, or maybe lifetimes. Self-realisation of the pattern is the first step on the transformational journey into greater Light. Pluto is the transformer – of human density into the Light of higher consciousness, and Neptune offers a priceless gift – our reconnection to divinity. This gift is available to all. To activate it requires deep inner work to heal our belief of separation from divine love.

Following is a simple symbolic creative process to help you move into the Light.

You were probably taught in kindergarten about Jack in the box. Jack had springs under his feet, and wore a funny hat. He was put into a box and the lid was closed. Imagine yourself as Jack in a closed lidded box. What size is the box? What colour is it?  Is it dark inside the box?  How are you going to get out of the box? There is light outside the box – how much can you see? Do you want to reach that light, or stay stuck in the box?  If you choose to reach the light, use the springs underneath your feet to help you lift the lid. With intent and feeling, imagine yourself bouncing yourself up with your arms above your head, and push that lid open. Allow the light to fill you with joy and gratitude.

My heart goes out to you at this unique time in human evolution –
May you choose to fulfil your souls yearning and reconnect to divine love,

Love and many blessings,