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Mid July 2 2020 Record Keepers

By July 20, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

Transmissions from the Galactic Record Keepers

“As earth progresses through space and greater light is encountered, her vibration will change. Many will feel the earth shaking. Fret not.  A natural process will be taking place.”

“Thank you for hearing our call.

We are a group of light beings from a different area of space to you on planet earth. We view from a higher perspective. Our frequencies are different to yours. We are record keepers. As such, we record your progress into greater light. We do not interfere, simply record.

We exist in a different frequency band, or wave, to that of the Arcturians. We    are scientists – registering frequencies. In some pockets of your planet, higher frequencies are apparent.  As a species, we are evolving into even greater Light. We are a facet within the hologram of Source. All species evolve within this hologram. All are one.

Just as a human being has trillions of cells within their body, all species evolve within the body of Source. We are one. Each cell is as important as the other. When cells within the human body work in harmony, health is created. When dissonance occurs, there is illness.

All the cells in the human body can be likened to an orchestra. The mind is the conductor. What is the belief of the conductor is the frequency shared to the orchestra. Beliefs have the power to create resonance or dissonance.

This awareness is gradually filtering into the collective human mind. The Arcturians, Pleaidians, Sirians and others who care about species survival, do what they can to awaken humans to a higher galactic perspective.

We, as one collective mind, are record keepers. We thank you for your attention”.


“We come from a different galaxy to that of the Milky Way and do not have form as do you.
We are filled with light. We know we are an aspect of Prime Creator. Many humans now know this, but not all. This will change, and soon. When your Vatican is found to exist on falsity, many secrets will be revealed. Media control will not be so great, and truth will again be published. Times are changing, and rapidly.

As you open your minds to view life from a higher perspective, and marvel at what will be known and clearly seen, you will wonder why you could have been so blind.

You may become angry, blaming others for withholding truth. It will serve little purpose. Until your eyes are open to your own creations, and you take responsibility for them, your consciousness will remain sleeping.

We seek to love and to heal. Are you receptive? That is enough for now.”