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Mid January 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

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Self-Actualised Empowerment

My current study material is a book titled Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza, a doctor, scientist and modern-day mystic. Author Gregg Braden wrote the Foreword to this book, reflecting on the multi-century life span of Li Ching-Yuen, a martial artist whose 256-year long life began in 1677, included 14 wives and over 200 children before he died in 1933.

How did he do it? He didn’t allow limiting beliefs to govern his mind. We all have the same ability. This evolutionary growth process of mental management is now being proved by scientific experiments in the fields of epigenetic, molecular biology, neurocardiology and quantum physics.

I’m enjoying reading this book. It was recommended to me just before Christmas when attending an unrelated talk. The speaker mentioned the pineal gland in his presentation and my ears pricked up. I have the inner knowing that this gland is  so important in our evolutionary journey into greater light but whenever I attempted to listen to video clips to learn about it I’ve been unable to comprehend. The words don’t stick especially when the presenter is speaking quickly and using scientific language. My method of learning is visual and kinesthetic. I need to see the written words and to feel into their meaning as I read. When the words resonate with my body and mind I become excited. Then I write down whatever words or sentences I  need  in order to digest them objectively. Then I re-read the same words over and over again, to solidify the information. Sounds ponderous – but it has always been the way I learn. Some readers will learn the same way. We all learn through osmosis – from the societal, political, environmental, religious and family environments. This learning seeps into our minds and bodies and anchors as truth.

Dr Joe goes into the details of the vast numbers of scientific brain experiments he and his team have done on the many students attending his workshops and classes. He and his team took thousands of brain scans to measure changes taking place as he introduced new concepts of mind management, especially through meditation. He also joined forces with the HeartMath group to do related heart connected experiments. What I now understand is that undeniable scientific proof has been demonstrated as a validation for ancient mystery wisdom teachings!  Simply, it’s been scientifically proved that when more people become self-aware by practising mindfulness of body and mind from an objective and light filled observer perspective, a lighter future for humanity and our precious planet will be created. How fantastic! My heart rejoices! Thanks Dr Joe.

He also writes about emotions saying they are the chemical residue from past experiences. He calls it chemical feedback. I call it brain fog! The stronger the emotional quotient from the life event (this life or a past one) the more the event and the decision made at the time leaves a lasting impression in the brain. This is how long-term memory is formed. From all the experiments I’ve done on myself, I can vouch for this! I’ve always found immense value in re-accessing the past life emotional event to become aware of how the theme and associated emotion still plays out in my current life.  It’s only from this place of full awareness and total acceptance of truth that I can change the energy. Otherwise I’d carry the thought and connected behavioural pattern into another life and attract the same situations and emotional upsets. I don’t see any value in playing that game!  Dr Joe says it differently. He says that the more a thought is repeated along with the associated emotions, the more the neuron’s fire and wire together and the longer will their relationship be to each other.

We condition our body and mind into the past by our thoughts. No one else does it for us. So let’s talk about how we can become conscious of how we do this so we can self-actualise empowerment to create a lighter and healthier future.

First step: Serious and dedicated intention. Then comes disciplined regular action. This action will be based on learning new ways to live life. These ways require practice and more practice until integrated into the body and mind. Whatever  is the practice it requires the development of self-awareness of mind, body and spirit. Once you’re committed to this spiritual journey into self-awareness and greater light, develop a state of reverence and calm and ask your Higher Self or Guardian Angels to help and guide. He/she or they are eager to do so. Be very attentive to whatever feelings, thoughts or images immediately enter your mind as you sincerely, from your heart, ask for help. Act upon whatever comes. Daily meditation to calm and relax the mind will be needed.

Through the air sign of Aquarius, and with Pluto about to move again into Aquarius for most of this year, the theme of self-actualised empowerment will become more prevalent. More new scientific and technological discoveries will be made that will ‘blow your minds”. Correspondingly, more information from the past will be revealed – probably not on mainstream media! For many, chaos will reign. Chaos is one of the key words used to describe the aquarian energy. Distracted, scattered, nervous, excitable, disconnected, separated and alienated are others. Aquarian energy needs a good dose of Taurus calming energy to be brought into balance.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, with Saturn moving through Pisces until mid February 2026, mental health interest, research and problems will increase. Hopefully, modern science will validate the value of personal mind management and this finding will infiltrate our medical system and then be recommended to patients. Drug companies won’t like it though so it might not ever happen!

When I was going through my dark night of the soul thirty years ago, my mind filled with despair and depression, I prayed for help. I was willing to change my mind. I was willing to mature and grow. I knew I had to – or die through a slow suicide. Help came – in the form of astrology. Each day I experimented on myself all I was taught, questioning whether I was playing a light or dark game. Mostly it was dark and unconscious! Whoops! Lots of inner work to do here!   It took intent, patience, a slow integration of new concepts, mindfulness and focus. It worked! I know I wouldn’t be alive today if I hadn’t taken that deep inner journey to self-awareness and self-actualisation.

Developing maturity, especially in relation to mental health and wellbeing, requires a serious commitment. As we commit and action our commitment with serious discipline and effort,  our long-lost creative abilities strengthen. Life improves. Health improves. The outcome depends on our levels of love, joy, creativity, discipline, effort and self-awareness.

It is NEVER too late to begin.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,