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Mid January 2024 2 Ashtara’s Musings

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The Water Element -The Living Liquid of Life 
Sedna to the Rescue?

Within our planet’s oceans and water-ways is an unending stream of information in the form of consciousness. Whatever is the consciousness level of the thoughts of the humans living around and on the oceans and waterways is carried into and through the water.

Scientists have proved that human thoughts and feelings influence water. Dark thoughts create unhealthy patterns within the water. Light and loving thoughts create clean and healthy patterns. It is. What if there is nefarious human activity on the ocean floors? Many of us know this is the case. How is this activity, and the accumulated negativity of human thought and emotions affecting the sea creatures who call the oceans home?

Earth’s water temperature has become warmer even in areas that were once cold and dark. Is this affecting the lives of the sea creatures including the whales and dolphins?  Is this why the whales have been beaching in increased numbers? Is this their message?  Maybe they are calling out for us to consider what we are doing to our water-  will they be able to reproduce if the oceans become too warm or too dirty?

Let’s reflect of the sounds the whales and dolphins make. They are healing sounds that, according to ancient sacred wisdom and universal Law, carry high vibrations that hold systems in place. These healing sounds reverberate throughout Earth’s water systems. There is such a sound system all around our planet. It is weakening because of the higher numbers of humans dumping negative thoughts into the waterways. There is a lot at stake.

Earth is moving through a different area of space. Many adjustments to life are needing to be made. These adjustments require that we become conscious of what is really going on behind the scenes around us and in our subconscious mind, because it is this unconscious energy that is causing not only the  water problems but every other problem we face. Yes, many benevolent and loving groups are working in practical ways to clean-up our water-ways. It’s a wonderful and a much needed step in our survival direction. Nature is self-preserving, through corrections that come in different sized increments – some large, some small. She will correct – her way.

Many people have spent, or want to spend time with the dolphins. Their energy resonates with that of the dolphins. Together, they share love – the highest vibration of all. This shared love vibration travels through the water, healing areas where shadow vibrations exist. A sound emitted in the water goes very deep into the innermost regions, illuminating those areas where darkness exists.

I’ll briefly share a related experience.  Years ago, when I led annual group tours to sacred sites in Peru and Bolivia, one women in that year’s group asked if she could bring her Tibetan gong so as to create loving and healing sounds on the land at the sacred sites where we danced the sacred circle dance, Paneurythmy, and beside Lake Titicaca – the highest and largest navigable lake in the world. I agreed. The gong was huge – and heavy!  Special arrangements had to be made to transport  it from Australia to Peru. On arrival in Cusco, Peru, a wooden support needed to be made so it could be manually carried. We travelled from sacred site to sacred site in Peru and Bolivia and also danced on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. These sounds and their associated frequencies were healing to everyone present so we knew it would be the same to the land and the waterways. Thank you Raylee – your loving intention and action realigned and supported the water and the sea creatures within it. I have a clear memory of you standing in knee deep water gonging to your heart’s content!

Sedna, a recently cosmic body in our Solar System, is approaching Earth, creating large frequency waves as she does. Upon her discovery in 2003, she came to me as a mermaid. Her role in our Solar System is that of goddess of the oceans and the sea creatures.  She calls  for those humans interested in cleaning up their internal waterways (emotions) to join with me so she can share her purpose for returning to our Solar Systems after thousands of years absence. She asked me to create a group so she can share her messages. I do hope you will join me.  ‘click here to find out more’

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,