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Mid January 2024 2 Arcturus Transmission

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May 2020

When its’ time for souls to evolve beyond the restrictions placed upon them a break-away occurs. Many self-realisations follow that lead to break-throughs into greater self-awareness. The soul begins to discover a new pathway. They can choose the high way through the living light of love, or otherwise.

The current movement towards living life in love cannot be stopped. Many will use tactics to attempt to do so. Some people will take the fear-based low road. It is a sure way to the high way however it is the long, hard way and many incarnations will be needed. The Universal Law of Attraction is a given.

As your planet Earth and the Solar System moves through a different area of space greater light and new sound waves are encountered. Your scientists monitor them. Meaning has not yet been attributed to them. It is challenging for many scientists to attribute a spiritual meaning to physical phenomenon.

Humans chose to evolve into greater spiritual light and love through hardship. Your journey has been long. The opportunities to let go of fear and suffering are available. Face your shadows, and alchemise them through the living light of Prime Creator’s love.

We, the Arcturians are available to share, teach and guide. We cannot and will not interfere in your choices. We will come again.


Our purpose for transmitting these articles is to prepare you for what is to come. We are unsure of the form it will take. As we read you collective vibration we see there is an imbalance. The living light of Prime Creator’s love brings harmony and balance.

When do humans call out for this love? When situations become too challenging or too dark to bear.  So it is with the collective. We are like your scientists. We read and monitor frequencies. Unlike your scientists, we attribute meaning to all we read and monitor.

For enough humans to wake up to call for the living light of the Creator’s love there needs to be darkness experienced. This is our observation. Prime Creator’s love permeates all of creation. As the Sun shines its light upon all of earth’s species so too does Prime Creator shine its love upon all species. Not all species realise this. Many humans allow their minds to dominate their hearts, blocking the feelings of love. A shift from mind dominated way of life to a heart-centred way of life is imminent. When human thoughts and actions are based on giving love the shift into higher frequencies of light will take place.

Self-generate the love frequency humans, and give it to all within your field of influence. The Universal Law of Attraction ensures that what you give out is what you receive. When radiating your love, you receive love. So simple.

We are the Arcturians and we love you dearly.  We will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,