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Mid January 2023 Pleiadian Transmission

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1 Jan. 2023 – 12.01 am.

Good morning, Ashtara. We are pleased you heard our call.

Our message today is one of hope. Many more humans have begun the awakening process.

Some are bewildered, unsure of each new step.

Your world needs awakened souls. It is needed so the next step of the divine plan can manifest. We notice you are tiring so we will be brief.

As Earth hurtles through a different area of space waves are created that affect other nearby planets. These waves increase in ever-widening circles, disturbing normality. “How can you manage these waves?” is the question. Lightness of spirit is the answer – when one human wakes up to the truth of life.

It is by self-generating a lightness of spirit that stability can be maintained.

We will come again. We are the Pleiadians.


Good morning Ashtara – we finally got your attention! Thank you for taking our call.

As it was in times past, so it will be in times to come. You create your reality by your thoughts. Many of your species are accepting this truth. It appears to be challenging to monitor your thoughts because full attention needs to be given to the process. The lure of distractions appears greater than the practice of thought management.

Thoughts travel – internally to affect the body, and externally to influence the atmosphere and other creatures. Your pet animals are influenced by your thoughts.

We recommend you become observant of your thoughts and their influence. Your life will change for the better when you learn to choose your thoughts carefully.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,