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Mid January 2023 Astrology News

By January 9, 2023No Comments

2023 New Year chart.

12.00.59 am AEST,
Brisbane, Qld

The first thing I notice is that Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and values is conjunct Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Feminine values undermined? Hmm!

Immediately my mind goes to a recent client. A lawyer, she works in a prestigious inner city male dominated law firm where the focus is on commercial litigation. She’s unhappy. Her values are being threatened. Not only is she experiencing a demeaning attitude towards women, but is aghast by the underhand corruption and conniving that takes place. Her work is valuable to the firm and they want her to stay, under their conditions. She has a choice. To give up the Capricorn prestige, social status and financial security the firm offers, or stay put and become part of the underhand games being played. Will she sink down into a whirlpool of quicksand, creating a slow and agonising ‘death’ (Pluto), or will she use her feminine power (Venus) to choose a different way to share her well-learned valuable talents?

Other women are likely to be in a similar predicament throughout the year. The Moon, 28 degrees Aries is in square aspect (90 degree angle) to Pluto/Venus.This indicates that the challenge for the feminine to come into her own power is amplified.

Upholding her values wins out for my client. She chooses to trust herself and to live joyfully and healthily so is seeking a different form in which to express her knowledge of law. She will find it because her soul will be happy. Her lightness of spirit will clear the way for her to excel in work that satisfies her soul.

It seems to me that this theme of empowering feminine values will be prevalent throughout 2023. Trusting oneself and one’s feelings that come from the soul, and having a balanced sense of self-worth and self-value will be needed.

The next point that interests me in the 2023 New Year chart is Uranus in Taurus conjunct North Node in Taurus. More sudden and unexpected, and maybe shocking,  disruptions can occur that provide opportunities to open our hearts to love and embrace our connection to Spirit. Our minds may be stimulated by learning about formerly hidden, and often dark secrets. It’s wise not to let external revelations take you down into so deep a deep rabbit hole that extraction becomes difficult.

Instead, it would be wise to focus on, and discipline yourself to further advance your personal journey to the Light. It’s wise to know the dark exists. It always has. It’s decidedly unwise to dive down into the shadows of other people’s revelations and become trapped in their underworld.

And now to the Sun – our giver of light, warmth, vitality and life force energy. In conjunction with the Sun is asteroid goddess Hygiea, the goddess of hygiene and preventative medicine. Both are in challenging aspect to retrograde fiery Mars in Gemini. Mars suggests it would be a good idea to learn more about the many natural ways to live healthy, vital and happy lives, (Hygiea) and to learn how our shadow thoughts (Gemini)  can take us into retrograde/backward motion. Do you choose vitality and life?

Saturn, Lord of Karma and our very best teacher,  recently returned to the same position of early April 2022 and early August 2022. You might like to reflect on the challenges you may have faced at those times. This is Saturn’s third and final pass to this degree of Aquarius. It will be another 28.5 years before Saturn returns to this point. Saturn provides the tests we need to grow and evolve into the light of self-awareness through self-realisations and appropriate clearing of shadow psychology. Becoming consciously self-aware takes time (Saturn) and requires the development of an observer perspective (Aquarius). Many are being challenged to take this path. Many people, especially younger ones, have chosen this path. Many adults resist, unwilling to do the inner work necessary to transform their consciousness.Saturn is accelerating through Aquarius and, on 8 March 2023, moves into 0 degrees of Pisces – a completely different energy. We will be challenged to anchor our spiritual life into everyday material life. How we do this will be different for everyone.

On 24 March 2023 Pluto will make its first excursion into Aquarius. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was between 1778 and 1798. What was going on in the collective consciousness then? There was the rise of the industrial revolution and the French Revolution swept away royalty, leading to the execution of the King, Louis XV1 of France, in 1793. USA was working towards becoming an independent democratic nation, having broken free from British control in 1776. People power was taking over from societal and governmental controls. Sweeping and dramatic changes took place as large groups of people rose up against the existing societal, political and economic structures. They wanted freedom from the establishment’s control. Will there be a repeat of the same themes this time around? If so, we need to figure out how we can break free through peaceful means. This applies to the individual as well as to the collective.

A different revolution is now sweeping across the globe and this is a consciousness revolution. We will find emotional comfort and solace by finding, or establishing, a tribe/group aligned with similar ideas, values and concepts. The focus of a unified group could involve advancing the greater good of the whole through peaceful humanitarian endeavours.

Advances in energy technology will play a major part in the revolution of consciousness. This evolutionary growth movement cannot be stopped.  It can only accelerate. Outdated ideas will have to be dropped as science reveals formerly hidden secrets the governments, media and power hungry moguls can no longer keep hidden. This ideas/consciousness revolution has begun. All areas of our social system will be affected. The use of cosmic energy as a natural medical healing tool will increase.

Much will be learned about the human brain and how the cosmic energies influence it. This process has already begun. It will accelerate. Our world can never be the same.

I would be remiss to end this brief delineation of the 2023 energies without mentioning Sedna, the cosmic body discovered in 2003 in the far reaches of our solar system beyond Pluto. During 2004 to 2010 I worked intensely with her and wrote about my experiences of her teaching in The Magdalen Codes book. Currently, Sedna, positioned further away than Pluto in our Solar System, is in retrograde motion at 28 degree Taurus. Her energy assists us to develop multi-dimensional consciousness, a higher level understanding of life. Because of her large elliptical cycle, her connection to Planet Earth is only for seventy-two years. Currently, her energy is ever-present, inclining us to develop our feminine side by getting in touch with our true heart-felt feelings, intuition and personal connection to divinity in order to raise our level of consciousness.

With Jupiter moving into Taurus on 17 May, and Uranus still in Taurus, there will be many opportunities provided for souls to grow and evolve into greater light, through the feminine principle. Often these opportunities occur through sudden unexpected shocks and/or trauma that involve a separation from love. It seems to be the way we humans learn. It doesn’t have to be this way. Taurus can be exceedingly resistant to change. The more resistant we are, the deeper are the shocks/traumas experienced. The good news is that, when we clear our subconscious of shadow psychology, the higher will our vibration rise. We will operate on a finer and lighter frequency range.

As with any New Year, we will create it according to our thoughts and consciousness level. When unconscious of our subconscious motivations, we will create confusion, self-doubt and insecurities of many kinds. To become self-aware, conscious of our subconscious influences, we need to develop an observer perspective to our thoughts and subsequent emotions. This is Aquarian energy. We can choose to create a new way of living life connected to our heart, soul’s heritage, and purpose for incarnation. When our hearts and minds become filled with divine love through a personal connection to our inner God/Goddess/Creator we develop an inner security that surpasses all discord. Bliss can be experienced regularly.

We choose the path we want to take. Our planet is one of free-will. Free will is  a precious gift. The cosmic energies are designed to assist soul growth. We can take advantage of these energies, or disregard them.

This year may you choose the light way – The Way of the Heart.

7 January 2023
Ephemeris ref. Internet

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,