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Mid January 2023 2 Astrology News

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The Evolutionary Ascension Process in Relation to Astrology

I refer to an excerpt in a personal message from the Pleiadians, shared on 15 January 2023:

There is a science behind this human evolutionary development that is becoming known to many open minded souls. We, and others residing in the finer light frequencies, have your best interests at heart. Our technology is far more advanced. We share it through scribes such as yourself who have the mental capacity to comprehend.

Receiving the above excerpt from a Pleiadian transmission I felt the need to briefly share my understanding of the advanced science mentioned above.

Ascension is the scientific process of the evolution of consciousness and biology. In the higher realms it is referred to as the laws of energy mechanics. It is an important component of The Law of One. The Ascension laws apply to a multidimensional reality system that connects to our DNA strands. I refer to it as God’s System. We humans are designed to become multidimensional, evolving into higher consciousness beyond our limited 3D dimension level of understanding. It is happening. We are evolving towards the consciousness level of the great Avatars, such as Jesus and Buddha.

The Divine Plan, the Law of One, is for us to consciously reunite with Prime Creator, merging once again into the great hologram of Divine Love beyond the dimensional system. How long it takes is totally dependant upon one’s personal choices.Those who have done inner clearing and healing work to release the karmic imprints of dense psychological patterning, advance in their ascension evolution.This inner process leads to the embodiment of greater levels of light. When we pass on our body dies, but our consciousness lives on. The level of consciousness at the point of death is the dimensional level of our next incarnation.

And now – let’s move on to basic astrology.

Many people will have felt the effect of Mars in Gemini moving from a retrograde motion to a direct motion on Thursday 12 January. On that day, fiery planet Mars gave us the ‘go ahead’ green light signal to begin life renewed. I used the Mars retrograde energy to spend the time since New Year re-reading, re-searching  and re-viewing the information contained in my 2021 and 2022 journals, the transmissions received during that time, and the important information in a couple of profound  books I was guided to re-read. Much has been re-activated, realised  and integrated as I connected more dots in my mind. It’s been a revelatory time. Some planned actions (Mars) needed to be postponed and reviewed (retrograde) because of the need for greater mental clarity (Gemini). Thanks Mars!

On 22 January, transiting Uranus turns direct at 14 degrees 56 mins of Taurus. What a journey Uranus in Taurus is for those with planets in Taurus, or any of the other fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) in their birth charts – and there’s another two and a bit years to go before Uranus moves out of Taurus into Gemini. Many lessons are being learned about values, levels of self-worth and the necessity for self-empowerment. It’s wise to become clear of your values because they may have been, and will continue to be, sorely tested while Uranus continues to slowly move through Taurus. It’s wise to choose values that are dear to you heart rather than those dictated by societal programming.

Trust is another major life theme related to Taurus. Trusting that your heart and soul knows what’s best for you. By choosing to follow your heart over your head nameless fears release. Joy and lightness of spirit result.

Uranus can bring unexpected shocks and surprises that activate life changes. Internal and the resultant external chaos can result. Many people are addicted to creating chaos and drama. One life drama follows another. Most are unconscious/unaware of how and why they create their dramas. It’s healthy and wise to become self-aware.

We were created as a creator species, which means that our thoughts and actions manifest into everyday reality. We can decide to take personal responsibility for our thoughts by becoming an objective observer of their manifested results in our lives. This process utilises the energy of Uranus and Aquarius. Uranus rules the air sign of  Aquarius. Uranus and Aquarius transmit waves of electrical energy. Excess electricity in our brain can ‘fry’ it. ‘Short circuits’ often occur  as a result of a shock, and of continual negative thoughts. Mental overload, depression and breakdowns can then be experienced.

From my experience, separation from love of ourselves as a Divine Creator is the underlying problem of the psychological issues associated with illness and disease.

All of us can heal our separation from love issues by taking full responsibility for the part we played in their manifestation. This can be challenging because most people want to hold onto blame. We can choose to move through our challenges into gratitude for the hard but self-empowering love lessons learnt. Choose to love, and be grateful for, the life lessons learned and your life and health will change for the better.

New Moon – 1 degree Aquarius – 33 min. on 22 Jan (AEST)

This New Moon can bring the separation from love theme to the fore. It is a good time to make a passionate and committed intent to heal any separation from self-love issues and physically demonstrate to your Higher Soul Self that you really mean it.

Maybe listen to an appropriate meditation, or conduct a personal ceremony with special healing tools such as crystals, pure essential oils or beautiful flowers to aid your intent. When you feel the vibrational warmth of love well up inside your heart, you will know you are connected to the Source of All Love and the healing process will have begun.

I created the Journey Into Love meditation, available as a download on my website, ‘click here’ to accelerate this healing process. Most people find it exceedingly beneficial and helpful.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,