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Mid January 2022 3 Pleiadian Transmission

By January 23, 2022No Comments

Thank you for hearing our call. Our message today is one of hope and joy. The hope comes from following your joy. Joy can only be felt in the heart and it usually comes when engaged in a creative pursuit. Our scribe loves to dance to rhythmic sounds. Her joy is contagious. The frequency contained within her joy spreads to all others also dancing. It is also experienced by Mother Earth. She also experiences joy when motivating others into following their unique and creative pursuits.

In one of our first messages to you, we asked that you create for yourselves the vibration of joy by advancing your creative pursuits. Many listened, acting upon our message. Most did not.

Should you desire to do what you can to bring positive change to the external conditions now gripping your lives, you will hear our message this time, and act upon it.

Love, joy and gratitude are the three most positive light vibrations humans can self-generate. By so doing, you bring positive change within yourselves which travels to those around you as well as to the environment. All it takes to create these states of being is intention followed by action.

When this first step is taken, the next step forward is shown. Joyful feelings fill your heart and you want more of them.

You are creators. Each and every one of you has created your life by your thoughts. To create a life filled with love and joy requires you to follow these heart-felt feelings, trusting that, by so doing, support will be provided.

Following logic rather than joy leads to a dead-end street.

We cannot be more clear. For the greater good of your health we ask you to create joy. Have the courage to be innovative, and the self-worth to follow the joy of creation, and watch your world, and your life change for the better.

We are the Pleiadians, We will come again”.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,