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Mid January 2021 Arcturus Transmissions

By January 17, 2021No Comments

“The times ahead will be challenging for many. Many adaptions will need to be made. The old ways will be no more. As mentioned many times previously, planet Earth is moving into a different area of space where the frequencies are different. As Ashtara has been writing and teaching about for many years, the science of energy is always in effect. All life is affected by invisible energy. Much like electricity, which is invisible, the energy behind everything provides the power that fuels all life. This power voltage is changing. It is increasing. A quickening is occurring.

The energy we refer to is that of consciousness, Prime Intelligence’s consciousness. In spiritual terms this energy is love. All living species were created through love, in the energetic likeness of Prime Creator. Humans were given free will to create their lives as they choose. In the beginning of human evolution, humans realised and appreciated this energetic force. They felt it, experiencing it as true. From pure love-based thoughts to give and share their love and joy of life, instant manifestation occurred. Human evolution proceeded in an upward spiral.

Human degeneration began when Earth and your Solar System moved into a different area of space.  Shadows formed as humanity devolved into ignorance of, and appreciation for, Nature and the gift of life.  Pole shifts occurred.  Many earth species did not survive. Humanity survived, with far fewer numbers.

And now, planet Earth is once again moving into a different area of space, one of finer light frequencies. These frequencies require humanity to increase their frequency levels. Love of, and for, Prime Creator is the highest frequency. Appreciation for all of life’s gifts, including the gift of learning, is a high frequency.

Low frequencies are based on shadow thoughts. Shadow thoughts create dark moods, feelings, attitudes and acts that harm all species, including Mother Earth.

We, the Arcturians see your future if you do not change your psychology – your consciousness. We also see your future if you do.

We cannot make changes for you. We can inform. We do so through channels such as Ashtara.

We love you dearly, and will come again”.


“As mentioned previously, the world as you know it is about to change. Many hidden truths will be revealed that may create shock. Shock affects the nervous system, and it can take days to recover.

Do you best to maintain internal calm, and spend time in nature. It has a calming Influence. Once calm, your intuition can guide. It would be wise to trust it. Trust may become an issue. Which “voice” do you trust? The ones in the external world, or the one calm inner voice? There are many who seek to control human minds and attempt to do so by providing continuous mis-information.

Children are conditioned by parental, religious and societal beliefs which may or may not be true. So too can adults be conditioned to believe information regularly delivered.

Your truth is found within. Research well. When conditioned debilitating psychology is addressed and cleared through dedication to the light, external attempts to control your mind will fail.

We love you dearly, and will come again”.


“In the fullness of time, when a new normality is established, you will look back in wonderment at the recent events. The world you know now will be no more. Gone will be much of the existing evil. In its place will be a higher moral code.

It may appear we speak in riddles but the events soon to take place provide answers, even though they may be sudden and shocking. For far too long humans have lived in ignorance of the way they have been controlled and manipulated, much like puppets on a global theatre.The puppeteers have been playing a dark game. As truth reveals, the puppeteers will be no more.

Very rarely is there interference by those in the higher realms to those on the earthly plane. In the beginning, you were genetically modified, as you are now doing to not only your own species, but also to others. The interference karma once created is soon to be addressed. Humans creating genetic modifications on their own race will have much karma to work through.

The Universal Law of Attraction is immutable. What is caused, has an effect.

For aeons of time we have been monitoring your evolutionary progress and have been amazed at the way you have recovered from challenging situations. The situation you are currently facing is one of the darkest, yet the light is there, and is growing. It will prevail.

Change is imminent. We ask you to keep an open mind as the new normal begins to manifest. Those with dark agendas will become increasingly uncomfortable.

We love you dearly and come to offer our support. We are the Arcturians, and will come again”.


Ashtara’s commentary:

I hadn’t heard from the Arcturians for some time, so it was a pleasant surprise when they came through. Because of their above messages, you may wish to re-read my astrology article: Uranus in Taurus – a Connection to COVID-19? In it, I relate my experience of this same energy (Uranus in Taurus) I was born into, eighty-three years ago. (Uranus has an eighty-four year cycle). I spoke of the sudden and shocking news that came over the radio about the outbreak of World War Two, and all we experienced as a result of it. I wrote:

“Is another global war likely? Certainly not the same kind of war as before. Technology has completely changed our way of life. Is there a war already taking place – a war between the light and the dark? This ‘war’ has always been. It is within us. We feed it daily with our thoughts.

Sudden, unexpected change is a given. We will all experience it. How we manage it is entirely up to each individual. As the Arcturians remind us: Fear is the killer. Love and Nature are the healers”.

When I wrote the article in December last year, I felt it related to COVID-19 and a potential pole shift. Now, I feel the focus is more on a global moral war, that is beyond COVID. As I did as a child, I will continue to do, and that is to focus on the good that will emerge from the changes. My spiritual life sustained me then, and will continue to do so. I recommend you consciously place your focus similarly.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,