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Mid February 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

By February 12, 2024No Comments

Oneness – On the Wings of Technology?

Technology and I are becoming mates, through necessity. It’s been a long and challenging labour to finally birth a reasonable amount of confidence in it. Why the delay of approximately twenty-five years? One word – fear!  I still remember witnessing the fall of Atlantis and the tremendous trauma I experienced from losing my home, parents, friends and the beauty of Nature. I knew the fall was caused by modern technology. Just one press of a technological button activated total devastation. I had warned my father of the dark activities ‘behind the scenes’ of the work he was doing as a high ranking scientist. He didn’t believe me – until the day before the button pressing. Then he bargained my life for his death. I no longer have an emotional charge (upset) around this memory, hence the reason why my confidence level in using technology is rising.

How has this memory and fear of the consequences of modern technology played a role in  this life? Way back in the 1990’s my futuristically minded nephew insisted on me having one of the first Apple personal computers.He still has it. How valuable is that likely to be now?  He gave me that computer on the proviso I gave it back to him when I updated to a new one. It sat unused on my desk for eighteen months before I could gather the courage to press the button to open it!  And now, at the press of one button on a personal device we can interact with people all over the globe. We can scan much further than a satellite, and do it in a flash. Oneness is spreading on the wings of technology!

Let’s look at how spirituality and technology are travelling along at about the same pace into an ever expanding technological world. My over-arcing guides, the Arcturians, tell me I’m a spiritual scientist. Huh? Having failed my one and only science subject at school that statement has been challenging to integrate. I do understand the mechanisms of spiritual energy. Quite simply, if I hadn’t learned to manage my life-force energy I wouldn’t be alive today! I am super-sensitive, aware of, and feeling all the many nuances taking place inside of me and others when interacting. I have spent too much time bedridden because of unconsciously allowing other people’s emotional energy to overpower me. Decidedly unpleasant are energy vampires whether they are conscious of it or not. I remember one so-called friend who was conscious of the use of her energy and knew how to harm others with focused and directed negative thoughts. I was in bed, non-compass for nearly a week following that psychic attack!  Experiencing many others,I realised the value in learning to manage my energy.

The understanding of the value and conscious use of spiritual energy is expanding at an ever-increasing rate, as is technology. We humans have an in-built and finely-tuned  energetic apparatus that enables us to understand and integrate technology, spirituality and science and explore and expand upon them. It’s wise to remember that everything in creation is science – a sacred/spiritual science. We are exploring it technologically, scientifically and spiritually. These explorations will meet to become one and that day is coming up fast. The next step is for the authorities to announce the meeting  of these three disciplines in a way that can be understood by all.  This knowledge will change our belief systems and the world. Are our scientists willing to accept and release truth? Will our governments allow it?

Oneness is a gift from Mother Nature. Think of the 60 trillion plus cells in our human body. They know about Oneness. When they work together as one, everything in our bodies functions to optimum ability. It is our responsibility to ensure we maintain them.

We are biology, not technology. We are also multifaceted, multi-dimensional expressions of light, and the greatest of all creations.  We are connected as One to the Infinite Source of Creation. We cannot be otherwise.  We can learn to find and maintain our connection to Oneness through practicing regular meditation – a spiritual science – and the technology of our personal energy field.  Self-awareness is needed as is learning to be the observer of our inner mechanics. We can expand our spiritual technology to communicate and interact with  light beings from other dimensions, solar systems and galaxies. With our Creator’s love in our hearts and joy and wonderment in our minds we can create seeming magic in our everyday life.

We are masterful beyond any computer technology because of our ability to self-generate the divine love vibration. No matter what other finer and lighter frequencies are programmed into them, they can never, ever feel the vibration connected to divine love. Always bear this truth in mind. The conscious and regular self-generation of divine love can be a life-saver. During daily meditation, I suggest you practice generating it.

May you choose to to allow the Divine Force of Love and Light to be with you always,



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,