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Mid February 2024 2 Ashtara’s Musings

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Astrology and Dimensions

This week I’m going to take you into the world of pancakes. Huh! “What is Ashtara up to now”, you may ask. I’d like to imagine  you have a multiple supply of pancakes stacked  on top of each other in front of you.  These pancakes symbolise dimensions.  We humans mostly operate our lives in the third dimension, third from the bottom of the pancake stack.  At the bottom of the stack is the 1st dimension, very dense and heavy and symbolised by the Earth’s iron core.

The second dimension is the crust of the Earth’s surface. There are living creatures in this second dimension – and in all the other dimensions. Many of us are evolving through the density of the  third dimension and are experiencing  parts of our lives in the lower and upper fourth, occasionally the fifth dimension. Each of us is programmed to become a super conscious higher dimensional human being.  How long this evolutionary growth process takes its up to each individual. Higher dimensional experiences usually come as a result of the conscious purification of our mental and emotional bodies, and regular and devoted spiritual meditations that open our hearts and minds to experience the unconditional love and grace of the Divine Mother, the Source of all life.

Our precious planet Earth is also evolving into experiencing a higher dimension. It is time for her to do so. The energy system activating this process is based on simple energy laws such as the Law of Attraction, the Law of Rhythm and Movement and  the Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever we cause has an effect.  Our third-dimensional egos may want to take a complex route. Our souls are multi-dimensional.
We humans are aiding Gaia’s ascension process through our intentional striving for higher dimensional spiritual experiences. We do this through the process of embodying greater light.This process requires we become conscious; self- aware of the ego games we play. We cannot side-step this spiritual growth process. Many people think they can to avoid doing the inner purification work. In ancient times before the great flood when many people experienced life in a super conscious state of being, the mystery schools would not even admit a person into their spiritual training schools who had not done a great deal of inner purification.

How then can we consciously and persistently aid our spiritual growth evolution into greater cosmic light? How can we move through each pancake layer to reach the layer above? Do you want to? Have you had enough of the emotional roller coaster rides that provide opportunities for growth? Are you so attached to your ego games that you want to stay enmeshed in your density for the rest of your lives? Questions- choices! What choices have you made. Are they working for you?

First and foremost we need to become aware of the ego games that bind us to 3D density.

How can this be done?  Decades ago, when I asked that question of myself, the first answer I received was an introduction to a recently established health farm. I was given a week’s attendance at a much reduced price. I entered a new world, one I had no idea existed. My world then was the business world. Spirituality had no part in it.  Having been brought up in a religious way of life, believing everything in the bible was true and literal, and learning – around the age of 24 that the so-called representatives of God were not holy men but had weaknesses, one of them being sexual molestation of their parishioners, I quit that way of life. A void filled my heart and soul. My religious beliefs went down a sewer.  I have always believed in a Higher Power. My faith is strong. I am so grateful now to that minister of religion and others of like kind for being the catalyst they were in accelerating my growth. Realising that the Law of Karma – of cause and effect – is always operational soothed my soul to the extend I feel immense compassion for all who perpetuate dark deeds.Their awakening time will come.

At the health camp I was introduced to group therapy emotional work.  For the first time in my life I felt angry. I punched the facilitator. He was delighted! His provocation process worked! He asked me to do it again! Having always been the peace maker, never consciously feeling the energy of internal anger, it was quite a revealing and stock-taking process to do so! I realised I had masses of suppressed anger within me that needed expression. I had lots of inner work to do. Where to start?

During my fourth visit to the health camp, astrology found me. Astrology? “Wasn’t that the work of the dark” was my first thought. Fortunately,I realised it was an answer to my question. I had a choice. Would I follow the feeling deep inside my heart and soul when the guest speaker talked about astrology, or not!   What did I have to lose? I was emerging from the depths of despair and knew I needed to save myself coz no one else could. I chose to release my comfort zone of beliefs to begin a course of study.  As weeks of learning passed my empty deep inner void began to fill. I reclaimed a spiritual and evolutionary path to Prime Creator based on ageless sacred wisdom. What a priceless blessing! How grateful I am that I listened to the quiet inner feeling.

Astrology is the subject that enabled me to evolve spiritually and to teach students to reclaim their multi-dimensionality because it clearly identifies psychological brick walls that involve choice. The choice to identify, take responsibility for and work through shadows or to continue re-creating them.

There are so many beings of light in the higher realms who seek to assist our journey to the light and the experience of divine love. They need to be asked. In time all of us will evolve to the the frequency level at the top of the  pancake stack. When – is completely up to each individual.Through passionate intention and willingness to do whatever is necessary to increase your level of light (consciousness), the process will be quickened.

The immense support you will receive from the higher realms will enable acceleration of your journey.

Blessings to you all. Remember, the more you heal yourselves, the more you allow the planet to heal herself. We each play a vital part in planetary healing through our own vibration.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,