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Mid February 2023 Astrology News

By February 13, 2023No Comments

Today, Mercury enters Aquarius, the Moon is in Scorpio, and the Sun is moving through Aquarius.  Saturn is now 27 degrees Aquarius. Uranus,15 degrees Taurus is  gathering speed. The four fixed signs are being activated.

Question is: How willing are we to move into a lighter future by releasing old fixed habits, attitudes and belief pattens?  The stars are doing their best to assist change, but their energy does not compel. It is the responsibility of each human to move forward in consciousness with the cosmic energy, or remain stuck in old paradigms. It’s our choice. If we refuse to budge from our safety net we will be provided with many life lessons, and they may not be pleasant.

Venus is moving through Pisces, aiding an internal loving connection to Divinity should we choose to spend time meditating, desiring to reconnect to the all encompassing, ever-loving Creative Source of all life.

Mars in Gemini seeks more information, Jupiter in Aries wants to expand our sense of self and our minds beyond current limitations, Neptune, at almost 24 degrees Pisces, provides the energy for a close and personal experience of divine connection through  hearts that are open and loving. When we experience this ecstatic state we will want more of it and our life will never, ever be the same. A surrendering of the ego needs to take place before this divine connection occurs.  Following this deeply felt process, the windows of our minds become clean enough to experience an unveiling of formerly hidden worlds, the worlds beyond the veils. We begin to see the true nature of reality which is a reflection of our Creator’s infinite love.

Pluto, in the last degree of Capricorn has already begun to create an inner storm before it moves into Aquarius in March. This storm is relative to huge personal and global changes. Technology, ruled by Aquarius, is already and will continue to play an increasingly important role.  Technology can be used for the light, or the dark. The dark enjoy the power and control games modern technology gives them. They are experimenting with life forms as they did in Atlantis, twelve thousand years ago. Their technology caused total destruction of that civilisation. The people had moved away from spirituality choosing scientific technology instead. The dark will do their best to maintain their agenda. Unimaginable technological war games are already being played out causing destruction and loss of life. There will be many more earthquakes, some created by technology. Mother Earth will rebel.

How does an individual wake-up to the truth of their unconscious behaviour? Usually through trauma! How does the collective wake up to truth? The same way!

It is the nature of Pluto to take us into the  deepest depths of our psyche to uncover hidden psychological secrets so we can identify and heal them. By so doing, our world can never be the same because we will have seen and experienced the light of truth.

On a collective level, much is being uncovered, exposed and revealed, but not through main stream media. The dark will hold on to their power and control agenda as tightly, ruthlessly and relentlessly as they can. It is unwise to feed their agendas with our thoughts and attention. Thoughts are energy, and travel. Dark thoughts and actions travel to the dark. Light and loving thoughts travel to aid humanity and our planet.

The cosmic currents we humans are subjected to daily will continue to increase in frequency and intensity, providing us with the energy to open our minds and hearts to galactic consciousness. We are being activated by these currents to reconnect with the living energies of the cosmos and to develop galactic consciousness. These energies affect our hearts. Bear in mind that Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius and Leo rules our heart. When our heart is bitter, sad, hurt, resentful and unhappy, these changing  frequencies can create heart problems.The increasing frequencies will not stop. They will amplify. It is the nature of the Aquarian Age. Remedy: Consciously and with intent, fill our hearts and minds with thoughts and actions based on self-love, and love of our Infinite Creative Source.

It’s wise to remember that we are never given more than we can handle. We are given what we need, in order to grow and evolve into more enlightened and love-filled human beings. We may need to access Leo courage to identify, clear and heal debilitating states of self-aggrandisement and the arrogance that accompanies it. This is all part of cleaning the windows of our psyche to unveil truth.

How we use the cosmic energies bombarding our planet determines our health and well being.  As Chiron moves through Aries for the first time in fifty years, we humans have the opportunity to heal our old identities and open our hearts to our original love- filled identity. How many will take the opportunity?

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,