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Mid February 2023 2 Astrology News

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Time Cycles and New Moon in Pisces, 20 Feb.2023

Everything in existence vibrates with energy, at different speeds. Each planet and star vibrates with cosmic energy. We humans also vibrate with cosmic energy according to our personal blueprint, our birth chart. Light energy vibrates finer and higher than dark.

All the planets orbit around the Sun in specific time cycles. There are also galactic  time cycles. We use our manufactured calendar to try to understand these cycles. Our western calendar is only 2023 years old. Cosmic cycles were created in the beginning of time. Astronomy, astrology and sacred geometry do their best to define them. But, can you define Prime Creator?

Astrology seeks to know the meaning of life. We are all part of our Creator’s awe-inspiring plan which can be viewed from many angles. We were all born into a specific cosmic cycle. A Moon cycle, Mercury cycle, Venus cycle, Mars cycle, Nodal cycle etc.

As a transiting planet connects to a point in an individual’s birth chart, it acts like an acupuncture needle, opening up in the body a bundle of stored psychological energy. The bundle releases the blocked psychology and the individual reacts emotionally, or responds maturely, according to the content. It’s incredibly helpful to know when these activations are to take place so we can prepare for and work with them with conscious understanding and appreciation. The Moon cycles are the easiest to learn because the Moon changes sign every 2.5 days, so our moods and emotions change accordingly. The Moon also governs the female menstruation cycles. There was a time, before modern technology, when most women menstruated at the Full Moon .

The New Moon tomorrow is in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. A water sign, this New Moon falls at 1 degree 22 mins.Pisces. Those people who have birth chart placement around this same degree and sign, or the other mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, will experience this energetic activation more so than others. Transiting Saturn conjuncts this New Moon, so there’s a stabilising energy that can ground Pisces cloudiness. Pisces energy is also imaginative. By using will, intent, concentrated thought, a loving heart and detailed clear imaging, we can consciously create a life of joy.

Saturn, Lord of Karma and the cosmic Taskmaster, requires us to not only take responsibility for our creations but also to learn from the consequences of them so we don’t keep on repeating the same patterns. All souls incarnate have life lessons to learn, and one of them is to develop personal sovereignty – to learn be in charge of ourselves, mentally, emotionally and physically.  And, to refuse to allow our minds to be controlled.  We also have the responsibility to learn to use our will and intent to attain our highest destiny.

Saturn can also be regarded as the planet of stagnation – because of fear. Fear can keep an individual at the same level of consciousness for the entire life, as does archaic and outmoded ways of thinking, believing and living.

A purpose exists in all things. With Pisces, one of these things is to develop compassion and a deep love for the amazing spiritual being that you are. Place a high value on your intrinsic self, knowing you chose to incarnate at this challenging time in your soul’s life cycles. On the shadow side, Pisces can easily play the role of victim and ’poor me’ – constantly thinking and saying that: “Nobody’s had a childhood as bad as mine” or something similar. Remember, you are not a victim unless you choose to be. Within an instant you can change your mind. It’s wise to expand your consciousness through self awareness.

Before the New Moon would be a good time to meditate or do a ceremony to release suffering by surrendering your angst and pain to a higher Power, the Prime Creator within. Following this process, when you feel comforted and relaxed, choose to continue the meditation by planting seeds of a new beginning into the fertile soil of your unconscious. Choose to self-generate inspirational seeds of love in your heart and focus on creating, through your imagination, a dear-to-your heart inspiring and realistic goal for your future. Have fun with it – be as clear and precise as you can. Commit to doing whatever is needed for the manifestation of your dream because it can’t happen without personal effort and then Saturn will help you achieve it. Trust that the first and following steps will be shown. You may be surprised at how it unfolds.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,