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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid February 2023 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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6/02/23.   Good morning Ashtara. We are the Record Keepers with a message for your readers. From our perspective we view the affairs of the Earth and humanity upon her with concern. A different course through the Cosmos is your Earth taking. Still in orbit around the Sun yet a change of trajectory has taken place. Unprecedented in human history which is long, this change of movement is the cause for concern. Your scientists are confounded.

We, and others of like mind are prepared to do all we can, and we can do a great deal. We will not mention this again because we have other information to give however we feel it is necessary to convey our perspective so you are informed.

We have returned to assist your evolutionary journey into greater light. Light contains information. Your planet is being flooded with information. How can your discern truth from falsity. There is only one way, and this is through feeling.

Many who operate their lives from only the lower mind of logic will believe in the perpetuated lies. Those who use their feeling senses with their hearts wide open will feel truth.

We ask you to focus your everyday world on thoughts of love to enable your hearts to open and stay open. It is a survival technique, and one most important. Humans are endowed with these gifts. We suggest you learn to use them wisely, as if your lives depend upon it. Your heart-felt feelings and your body’s senses will never let you down. Your lower rational mind will.

We offer a clear message for you to use or not. We will come again.




7/2/2023.  We come again. We are the Record Keepers. We have kept the records of your precious planet and humanity upon her since human life began. We have these records stored safely for those who know how to access them through their minds. Not all can open them. It requires a loving heart to do so.

Love is the key to open the vault where human records are stored. Our scribe has opened them and shared her findings in some of her books.

We have come to a standstill with our record keeping. Until humans make up their minds as to which path they will take, the light or the dark, we are unable to write further.

We ask you to choose . Your future depends upon it.

We will come again.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,