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Mid December 2023 Ashtara’s Musings 2

By December 17, 2023No Comments

Natural Law – The Way of the Future

As we grow spiritually into conscious self-understanding, refusing to lower our vibration through negative thoughts and emotions, we become more harmonious, healthy, loving and light-filled.  As a collective we are currently transitioning into this natural state of being human.  Evolving from an unconscious non-self aware state into a fully aware, open hearted and compassionate state is our current spiritual challenge. Many people don’t want to commit to this path, believing it’s too hard. Those who have committed  say it’s the only journey worth taking. I agree. I would not be as healthy, happy and productive as I am at my age if I had not taken it.

This inner journey to enlightenment requires a decision, followed by dedication and discipline. In the past it has taken lifetimes – often many. This time around it can occur in just one life time. Why? Because the Light energy is available now, and all throughout the Age of Aquarius. It is the nature of Aquarian energy. Those people who are developing self-awareness can now see how they, and the collective, have allowed manipulation and control over their minds and lives for thousands of years.

There are so many light beings from celestial and extra-terrestrial dimensions giving their energy and wisdom to us at this time so we can wake-up and behold our trues selves – our  Higher Self/ Soul.  When conscious of this higher vibrational internal wise and loving energy we can work with it from minute to minute each day to assist our healing and growth.

Man-made laws and the resultant divisions in society between religious, political, educational and societal man-made structures are breaking down. Suffering, wars, killing, pollution, violence and destruction of all kinds are regular daily events.  And yet we still do not want to change the thoughts that create it.

There is a natural Cosmic System of order that is forever in operation. It is a system created by Source based on energy and vibration – the sound and light frequencies of nature. Our scientists, especially those researching quantum physics and quantum biology, have tapped into this Natural Law yet the majority are unable to attribute it to Source. This Divine Intelligence is so far advanced – way beyond our 3D thinking, that most cannot begin to comprehend the brilliance and simplicity of the Intelligent Cosmic Design. A replicable system, it is based on our Creator’s  Love and Light, the frequency of which would blow our brains and bodies into tiny pieces if we connected directly with it.

When choosing to raise our personal vibration through self-awareness and the embodiment of Divine Love, we  begin this vibrational growth journey. We learn to experience, through feeling and sensing how Natural Law works. Gaia is raising her vibration as a life-saving mechanism. We have been given the same opportunity. There’s a crack in the cosmic window, open for a period of time, the Age of Aquarius – approximately 2,592 earth years in duration. The conscious embodiment of divine Love is the key to raising our vibration and re-joining the  spiritual masters who consciously live according to Divine Natural Law.  Nothing can stop this spiritual evolutionary process. It is the way of our future. The few with agendas of their own, will attempt to stop this natural growth movement through subtle and overt manipulation and control. Inflicting fear is one way. This only works because of the unconscious  gullibility of the population.  Control over the media is rife. Free speech has flown out the window of the collective psyche – no more to be seen!  And yet, the spiritual movement into great Light and Divine Love is gathering force. More and more people are waking up daily. Hope is gathering force in proportion to the people who experience and feel the vibration of Divine Love in their hearts.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,