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Mid August 2023 2 Arcturus Transmission

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July 2019

“As human development reaches a particular vibratory level their radiation levels can be read by those in higher dimensions. Just as humans today can read electronic signals, so too can more advanced species read human electronic signals. Many humans have become aware of a “watcher” – a light being who impartially and unemotionally observes and monitors their state of being. Their levels of light (consciousness) and love are being monitored. This ‘light’ information is fed into the one giant hologram of the Eternal Presence. When the level of light reaches a certain vibratory patterning, this Presence awakens inside the individual.

This response to a frequency alteration creates a ripple effect. As a small pebble is thrown into a still and calm lake, the ripples circle out from the centre continually expanding until an edge is reached. The size of the pebble determines the size of the interruption. A motor boat moving fast upon a still lake causes far greater waves than a small pebble.

The size of the collective human awakening can be likened to a large motor boat speeding through uncharted waters.  What effect will the resultant waves have?

Together with certain elements necessary for the continuous evolution of humanity, the intention of Spirit is to awaken full consciousness. This evolutionary process has taken millions of years.  In higher realms earth time does not exist. The One Spirit exists eternally.  One Spirit – with one eternal life.

The concept of death appears real from a third dimensional perspective. From a higher vibrational plane life is eternal. The One Spirit lives on.

To understand the human psyche and work accordingly with it is advanced technology of a different kind.  Every individual psyche contains unique material.  All are conditioned by parental, cultural and religious ideologies.  A baby comes into the world without perceptions and, through language, learns to take on the prevailing forms of its surroundings. The baby maintains its experience of unity with the One Source until language takes over.

In the beginning of human development, the only language was telepathy.  Telepathy is a communication form that by-passes the left brain that can only compute logic and facts.  Like a filing cabinet, this part of the brain is linked to language constructs. Humans restrict full brain function.  On the other hand, the right brain can be used to telepathically communicate over long distances.  Barriers do not exist with this form of communication. This form of communication will again become prevalent.

In order to awaken into full consciousness, which usually happens over a number of years, an open mind and heart is necessary. The material world has little meaning beyond conditioned thoughts and ideologies.  Perceptions change through experience.  Broadening experiences enable broadening perceptions. To feel fulfilled and connected to the Eternal Presence requires a broadening of perceptions.  When you choose to live life questing for deeper understanding and are willing to follow your internal guidance, you perceive life differently. Life can be lived through joy, adventure and wonderment, or otherwise.  Choosing the path of joy enables fulfilment.


When a much – loved pet passes, it is usually because they have chosen to do so.  It is the same for humans. Each living creature on earth has an inbuilt understanding of their purpose for being.  When that purpose has been fulfilled there isn’t the need to linger.  Another phase of their one life beckons. It has always been. A transition phase takes place.  It’s best for those left behind to realise this natural process.

Grief is also a natural human emotion.  When the grief is prolonged health problems result. The one transitioning from one state of being to another prepares accordingly.


As humans learn to view life from above the earthly level, the prophesied shift in consciousness occurs.  A natural growth process, this shift enables the embodiment of greater light.

The awareness that the Eternal One’s consciousness is every cell develops into a surety through mind expansion.  Feelings of love for all of life is the natural outcome. Just as the discovery of fire enabled human growth and expansion, the discovery that the Source of love, the God essence, is within every cell, continues the evolutionary process. This awareness is realised when the psychological process is complete. No longer do repeated reactionary patterns occur. Life is viewed from a higher perspective.

The psychological process can be challenging and requires courage to venture into the

unknown regions of the subconscious to extract truth. To love, and feel gratitude for, the teaching within this realm allows the consciousness shift. This is the awakening journey.

Many people keep themselves so busy they do not allow internal investigation. Blocking the Creator’s essence eventually causes health problems. Love, joy and fulfilment are covered over. Illness is often the only way break-throughs can occur. It need not be so. The shift of the ages is taking place. Nothing can stop the light wave from awakening in human hearts and mind.  Can waves on an ocean be stopped?

The consciousness wave will eventually engulf all human hearts and minds.  The One Being seeks to make Itself known.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,