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Mid August 2022 Astrology News

By August 14, 2022No Comments

Approximately once every 26,000 years our Earth moves into a different area of space. This period of time is known as an Astrological Age and is connected to the precession of the equinoxes.

In 2022, planet earth is no longer situated in the area of space known as the Age of Pisces. At the beginning of that Age, Jesus, sourced from a higher dimension, was born with a highly evolved consciousness. He became a Christ. He was a Way Shower, demonstrating self-knowledge, self-responsibility, self-assurance and a deep connection to God. He taught, mostly through parables, how we could develop the same level of consciousness as he carried. At that time astrology was one of the tools available to do so. Hundreds of years later the Church banned it and burned at the stake the ‘witches’ who practised it and other natural sciences.

Not so long ago, towards the end of the Piscean Age, western religious control began to wane. Spirituality began to take its place. People began searching for something beyond the societal known to make sense of their reality. Buddhism became popular.

I’ll now connect the words from the Pleiadian Transmission: “A new world is forming for the awakened ones” to astrology and the fourth astrological element – the water element. I’ve written about the air, earth and fire elements in previous posts. If you want to read them again, you can find them on my website under the heading – Astrology.

Pisces is a water sign, water meaning emotions. The other water signs are Cancer and Scorpio. During the Piscean Age end times, humanity experienced world wars. They were profitable to those in power. Corporations grew bigger and flourished. Opportunities for greed and power became more prevalent. Those seeking to control found, and are still finding, many impressionable targets. Societal beliefs changed. Religious beliefs changed. Media reporting changed. Marriages and families began to break up. Psychological responsibility was not being taught. Many suicides took place, with the numbers still escalating. The ‘waters’ of the collective consciousness became murky.

Murky water attracts murky situations. Murky water is harmful to drink. The water element (our psychology: feelings and emotions) needs our attention. To describe the water element I’ll quote from my astrology workbook, Your Recipe for Empowerment through Spiritual Astrology. It’s important to realise we all have these elements – to different degrees. Those with a predominance of water in their psychological make-up, shown clearly in their birth charts, are emotional and often sensitive. Those with predominantly earth, air or fire in their make-up can find it difficult to understand a person with predominantly water in their psychology. If they chose to develop compassion and understanding, relating problems could be solved.

I wrote: “Water demonstrates sensitivity and intuition. Water people need to learn to feel and identify each of their emotions and to sense and master their personal psychic energy currents. The element of water governs the fluids in our bodies …and acts as oil, giving our body smoothness. When we consciously feel and identify our emotions, own and express them responsibly, our body becomes well ‘oiled’ and responds accordingly.

Too little water = dry skin – creakiness and rigidity in the body. Bones break easily. People can feel a lack of connection to others. Can also be disjointed and uncoordinated. Remedy: Contact your deepest true feelings, own and express them responsibly and appropriately, no matter how hard this is to do. Do it without blaming anyone else, taking full responsibility for your feelings. Another may have been the trigger. He or she is your mirror and teacher.

Too much water: = apprehension, worry, excessive security concerns, water logged and overweight’. Treatment: Fire: = action, exercise, initiating a new way of life by developing the spiritual fire of higher consciousness”.

And now let’s return to the ‘new world forming’ theme and the Age of Aquarius. Technology quickly took over people’s lives and minds. Technology is associated with Aquarius. Aquarius energy is completely different to that of Pisces. The area of space in which these two constellations are situated is not the same. Aquarius is an air sign, connected to our mental abilities. It is electrical and can fuel the brain with over-excitement or chaos and stress.

It’s wise to look above our lives to see the bigger picture unfolding. For those unwilling to awaken to the truth of their own psychology and correct that which is deadening and dark, you will have another 26,000 years for your life lessons to be learned. As the Pleiadian’s’ say – “It is as it is.”

Those awake and aware, willingly learning their life lessons and thereby purifying themselves from psychological pollution, will move forward into the prophesised 1000 years of peace, to be experienced on a different frequency plane (5D). Unconscious dark emotions will have no place in it. A Camelot, a land of peace, harmony, joy, creativity and love, is to be experienced by those carrying the light of higher consciousness and love of Source.

Around 1995, when she was four and a half, my first-born granddaughter painted and gave to me an important and highly meaningful work of art. In the painting are three spheres. One yellow and two green and blue. Around the large blue/green central sphere are lots of pink hugs and kisses. I asked her to tell me about her painting. “The big ball is the Earth and the hugs and kisses are because I love the Earth so much”, she said, and: “The yellow ball is the Sun”.

I asked, “What is the smaller blue and green ball Natalie?”. “That’s the second Earth, Grandma” she answered. She was born with the consciousness to understand the information given in the Pleiadian Transmissions. Over the years a veil formed over her mind, as it does for most of us. She will be given the opportunity to lift the veil when it’s the cosmic timing to do so. Her painting is on the cover of my first book – Gaia, Our Precious Planet, written under my former name in 1997, channeled by the Arcturians. It gives the same information as Natalie painted. It is the same information as that given by the Celestial Masters, the Sirians, Pleiadians and other advanced light beings. It is universal truth.

Some time ago I was given an image of the second earth birthing process. I’ll do my best to describe it. The universe consists of a brilliantly designed replicating energetic system. I call it God’s System. Everything in existence is part of it. This system can be likened to cellular design. We are all cells in the One great body of Source. Each human body contains trillions of cells. The process of a baby forming in a mother’s womb is seen as one cell dividing into two, and then replicating in a precise order until all the organs, bones, limbs, brain etc are formed in the womb before birth. Source’s design is brilliant and awe inspiring. This ‘birthing’ process is what I believe is happening to Earth now. She is a living, evolving entity, known as Gaia in some cultures and PachaMama in the Andean culture. The one great cell of planet earth’s energetic form, (her Spirit) is replicating. One of the two ‘cells’ each containing millions of souls, will remain in the dense energy of the third dimensional field (3D) and the other ‘cell’ is moving into a higher, invisible dimension.The one will not be aware of the other. Most of the souls currently in physical bodies will reincarnate in the 3D form. The awakening ‘babies’ being formed in the current gestation process, those with dedication to, and love of Divine Source (God) and who are doing the inner psychological purifying work to raise their consciousness, will exist in the invisible 5D realm. The two earth ‘cells’ will co-exist for a time. This is the process we are currently experiencing. It cannot be stopped.

In 2021, the Arcturians said:

In the not too distant future, following great changes to the earth, humans will be living a completely different life. Gone will be the chaos. People will have realised they are not the only species living in their area of space. Sharing, rather than competition will be practiced. Respect for Nature and all things natural will prevail. Human evolution into greater light and love will continue to accelerate. We refer here to spiritual evolution, the purpose for being. When it is known and accepted by the masses that the Christ Light is awakened within human hearts, divine love will prevail. Wars will cease.

A transition phase is taking place. A transition from the lower mind to the higher mind. For too long humans have lived in ignorance, unaware of the Divine Plan. You are not the only sentient beings existing in your area of space. As you evolve into greater light, filled with Prime Creator’s love, you will become aware of other light-filled human-like beings and interact with them. Unity in diversity will exist. The current transition phase will appear archaic.

We come to give you comfort during this transition. There are many in the higher realms available to support. We do need to be asked. A sincere heart-felt prayer will be heard. We are the Arcturians. We love and care for you, and will come again.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,