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Mid August 2022 2 Astrology News

By August 21, 2022No Comments

New Moon  4 degrees 3mins Virgo – 27 August 6.15pm (AEST)


The configuration of this New Moon chart contains a fixed cross. The shape is a square – The four fixed signs involved are Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.  Following is the astrological details of the configuration. Uranus at 18 deg 55 mins. conjunct North Node 16 degrees in Taurus; square Venus in Leo 19 degrees square South Node in Scorpio 16 deg. Square Saturn in Aquarius 20 degrees 57 mins.

I’ll explain.

It’s quite a tight square. It’s as if  a situation or issue has been brewing for sometime and it’s now time for finer details to reveal. Clear distinctions (Sun/Moon conjoin in Virgo) are to emerge for individuals to see and understand should they choose to tune in. When enough individuals do so, the collective will also do so. Each one of us matters.

How best can you consciously utilise this energy?

Contained within the chart’s square shape is an opposition between Saturn and Venus. During the approach to this New Moon the feminine  part of us is likely to be challenged to speak up (Venus) to an authority (Saturn) even though we may be afraid to so do. By speaking up for ourselves the suppressed energy can release and we can initiate new forward movement in our lives. Become aware of how old shadow energy, probably related to fear, has been affecting your life in the past and decide to take advantage of the Virgo New Moon to change your perspective.

When this configuration appears in a birth chart, or in an event chart such as a New or Full Moon, I suggest to my students that, in a meditation they visualise themselves standing on a large unused spring coil inside a closed cardboard box.  Their suppressed unconscious psychological energy has been moving back, forwards and sideways in this box for some time, and now, just before the Virgo New Moon, seeks release. I challenge them to take themselves out of their self-created box, and, with effort and determination imagine themselves jumping on the coil higher and higher until the lid bursts open. New light energy enters their minds and bodies from their Higher Self  and their minds are free to create whatever was their inspiration while inside the closed box.

What helps them to jump is to know they have a spiritual connection outside the box that never, ever leaves them. By having faith in, and listening to the quiet voice of their Higher Self, they can easily jump out of the box at the best timing and receive the best results.

Following is another scenario that may manifest. Should you have been holding back from commencing a creative project dear to you heart, (Venus) this is the time to begin it. You may be challenged (Saturn) to do so. You will need to pay attention to the finer details so the project has a solid foundation. It will take time and effort. Your joy and creative juices invested in the project will ensure it moves forward.  I suggest you follow your creative guidance and feelings, and make that effort. To begin, ask yourself – “What makes my heart glow with joy and vibrant energy?” And, when you have the clear answer,  decide to do more of it.  Attend to the finer details involved and allow your light to shine.



Excerpt from A Crack In the Cosmic Window

“In a mediation I became a leaf and felt what is was like to float through the air. I saw the leaf coming from an oak tree”.

The entire world is like that oak tree. All living things comes from a main source, a stable, grounded solid form of being. That form then reproduces other living parts of it and keeps on producing until its time of ascension or evolutionary progress is completed. During its life it may have created an extraordinary number of other living parts of itself. It has been of the creative process.

So too are humans part of a whole creative process. Our essence or spark of consciousness, our Soul, keeps on producing through countless number of lifetimes until such time as the evolutionary process is completed and our essence has returned from whence it came to the source that created it. 

Love is the essence. Love is the source. Love is all there is. It is from love we came and to love we return. There is nothing else. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Within every person there is a spark of God. We are all begotten sons of God, here to learn to feel love, to receive it and give it freely – it is the only task of evolution.”


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,